Are You Getting Animal Products You Can Trust?

As conscious consumers, it’s imperative that we make wise food choices that support our health, and the health of the planet.

Many of you know that purchasing and consuming meats from large industrial farms means getting animal products full of hormones, antibiotics, and cheap grains.

As a result, you get fatty meats from animals that are NOT naturally or humanely raised, and are tainted with all kinds of chemicals that our bodies were never meant to process.

This is not healthy! If we eat animals that are unhealthy, we become unhealthy.

Animals, just like humans, need access to sunshine, good quality food, and daily exercise.

I encourage my students and clients to get to know their local farmers to see how their food (both vegetable and animal) is being raised.

But, many folks often complain that they don’t have local farmers in their area, or that they live in a food desert.

And, others tell me that they do NOT have the time to go out and shop at their local farmer’s markets, or visit their local farmers. They are too darn busy!

Thankfully, I’ve found a great source for 100% pastured and grass-fed meats that I’ve been sharing with my clients, making it easier for them to eat better quality food to improve their health.

ButcherBox delivers free-range organic chicken, 100% grass-fed beef, and heritage breed pork, right to your door. They have worked hard to make sure that all of their meat comes from community ranchers who are committed to raising their animals in the most humane and natural ways.

I love the quality of their products and the peace of mind they provide for my clients.

Order your first ButcherBox HERE

Keep up the great work supporting your health with the best quality food!