Forgiveness or food? Which do you feel is vital to healing?

So many of us focus on using food for healing, and this is very smart. Food creates our physical body. It is absolutely essential that we eat well to create a better blood supply, build new cells, clear the detoxification pathways, and get us on a better path to good health.

BUT, from working with people for over two decades, it’s clear that food, herbs and other physical substances, don’t heal us completely. They are only the first step into healing.

We have another body that lives within us that needs healing as well.

I’ll give you an example. I had a client that was suffering with adrenal fatigue and poor immunity. She was getting sick all of the time. Plus, she was experiencing heart palpitations on a daily basis.

We altered her diet and lifestyle to support her kidneys, heart and immune system and it helped immensely. Her energy improved and many of her symptoms went away.

But after a few months she was still feeling occasional heart palpitation and her immune system was showing some signs of weakness. So we had to go deeper.

I brought her awareness to her emotional body and to her chakras.

The chakras are an ancient system within the body that regulates our emotional experience to ourself, and our reaction to the world around us. All of the chakras relate to a different emotional experience.

When clients have a recurring physical condition that keeps popping up or won’t resolve that’s when it’s time to go deeper into the emotional body. That’s usually where the trouble is.

The chakra system and its placement within the body is what modern medical science understands as the endocrine system. Each gland in that system has a specific mechanical function: creating hormones and putting them into the blood stream to create a physical reaction in the body.

BUT, what is driving those glands to trigger the release of those hormones? Emotions and feelings are.

All of the chakras relate to a different emotional experience.

Let’s take a closer look at 4th chakra as this client was experiencing heart palpitations and poor immunity.

The 4th chakra is in the same location as the heart and thymus gland. Scientifically, the thymus is connected to our immunity and is instrumental in the production and maturation of T cells, the white blood cells that protects the body from threats, including viruses and infections. The thymus produces and secretes thymosin, a hormone necessary for T cell development and production.[1]

According to ancient healing, the 4th Chakra and the heart, is the motivator for the human spirit. When we hug someone, when we love, when we have compassion for other people, and for ourselves, the human heart feels an emotion. And that naturally supports our well being and boosts our immunity. There are many scientific studies today that connect being in “love,” and practicing love and compassion in relationship with other humans, to increasing immunity, reducing stress, and boosting our health.[2] [3]

After bringing my client’s awareness to her 4th chakra, she revealed that she was angry with her father and had not forgiven him even though he had been dead for over 20 years.

When we looked at how to heal 4th chakra she said, “I know if I hold on to anger directed toward someone else it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Very wise!

She realized that part of her personal healing process was to become aware of the anger she was holding onto about her father’s alcoholism. Her challenge, to heal her heart palpitations and immunity, was NOT to try another new recipe or the latest herb, it was to find compassion for her self and for her father, and release that anger she had been holding onto for many decades.

Anger and bitterness, and an inability to forgive, will lead someone down a straight path to disease and discomfort. This is the emotional and spiritual connection to healing.

Below are some of the physical diseases connected with imbalanced 4th chakra:

  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergies
  • Pneumonia
  • Breast Cancer
  • Upper back pain

Here are some of the emotions connected with 4th chakra imbalance:

  • Inability to forgive
  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Anger

When it comes to healing any disease or condition in the physical body we’ve got to get into the habit of nourishing the heart chakra and our emotions. Our ability to give and receive love and have compassion for ourselves and for other people, triggers emotions that promote healing. This isn’t easy, but it’s essential.

If you are a health coach or wellness practitioner and want deeper insight about using ancient techniques to heal modern ailments, download my Organ And Meridian Assessment for Prevention and Healing

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