Exercise Is a GREAT Way to Get Healthy, But Too Much Can Do the Opposite!

fbde718694c15aa6_151576305.previewExercising is essential to keep the body functioning properly, but we need to have a balance of many different types of exercises to be really healthy.

I had a client that was a high level marketing executive with a pretty stressful job, plus she ran 4-5x per week every morning before getting into the office, and did a spin class 2x per week.

You would think with that amount of exercising she would have no problem with her weight, but she did. She had hypothyroid and could not lose that nagging twelve pounds that had been weighing her down for over a decade. She was frustrated that she could implement the best marketing strategies to win clients, but when it came to her weight she was constantly struggling.

I encouraged her to consider exercising less hard: only two times per week running or spinning, and incorporate daily walking and gentle Hatha Yoga classes into her routine on the other days.

She was extremely hesitant at first. She feared that if she stopped working out so hard she would blow up like a balloon!

But, when she finally moved beyond her fear, she lost ten pounds in the first month. She was shocked! She thought she had to exercise her brains out to lose weight, but that wasn’t the truth. She definitely needed to exercise, but she also needed a more balanced approach to the way she was exercising.

A young male student that attended one of my thyroid health cooking classes was running over seventy miles per week! Holy cow – that’s a lot of running! He was suffering with hypothyroid and he couldn’t sleep at night. His doctor told him to stop running! And, I agreed with the doc’s wise assessment. This guy was running himself right into adrenal fatigue!

Keep in mind that running won’t necessarily contribute to thyroid disease, but if you add in nutritional deficiencies, plus high stress, with an over-exercising routine, your body may be headed for a break down. Or, I should say, a slow down.

If you are over-exercising and not doing enough rejuvenative and restorative activities as well, you could drain your body’s deep energy reserves and will naturally start slowing down. Your body is doing this to protect you from burning out before your time.

And, for all of you ladies out there that are still getting your menstrual cycle every month… STOP exercising when you get your period! Especially, on the first and second day of your cycle. Exercising while you are bleeding is exhausting.

You are shedding your uterine lining and it’s like having an internal operation every month. That takes a toll on the physical body. You have to rest during that special time, otherwise you may damage your reproductive system and your reproductive capacity as well.

On the first day of your period it’s time to rest. If you want, do some simple stretching or deep breathing exercises, but no hardcore exercising.

Relax, take a walk, chill out, and get a massage.

If you need a reminder, think back to what you learned when you were a young child in school. If there is a period at the end of a sentence that means STOP! It’s not like a comma, where you take a pause or a breath and then keep going. It’s a period. STOP!

Exercise is imperative to good health, so keep exercising, but know when to run and when to rest.

Plus, I would highly recommend adding into your exercise routine some rejuvenating practices like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation. It could do wonders for your health.


  • This is so important. I find high stress, driven folks often overexercise and are pushing exhaustion. And then the body tends to hold onto weight almost as a defense.

  • I was nodding the whole time I was reading this. I teach fitness classes and I see this all the time. That’s one reason why I really like HIIT workouts. They give you a good workout in a short amount of time so you get benefits without putting the body into stress mode. I also agree about adding in yoga or Tai Chi. Those are so beneficial for stress reduction and mobility.
    I haven’t heard about taking a rest from exercise when you start your cycle. Sometimes I do anyway, because I feel like I need a break. Would you recommend resting even on those cycle days when you feel fine?

  • Such a great article. I was also an over-exerciser until it made me sick. I now incorporate rest days of gentle yoga, and not only do I feel so much better with more energy, I have healed my adrenal fatigue and don’t struggle so much with weight!

    • @Sam Shields awesome job taking care of yourself!

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  • Oralia Acosta

    I just had this conversation w/an acquaintance and she insists that working out daily is good– and she has no thyroid! We really are very harsh to our bodies with all these super hard workouts daily!

    • @oraliaacosta:disqus – hopefully, she won’t run her adrenals into the ground!

  • Suryabhan singh

    What about 5 years old boy ,my son diagnose hasimotos last year september 2014,i started with 30 min cycling. ,

    But now since these april i start 16 min slowly to 20 min.

    Is it ok for him.he dont complain any pain,no tierdness