Everything we know about thyroid disease is untrue.

For the past 30 years thyroid disease has been growing and spreading around the world.

Mostly, it affects women.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in eight women will be affected by a thyroid condition in their lifetime.[1]

BUT, what if everything we have been led to believe about thyroid disease and why it is affecting more women than men is untrue?

Doctors prescribe pharmaceutical thyroid medications to treat the symptoms of underactive, overactive, autoimmune thyroid conditions and inflammation of the thyroid (thyroiditis), but the problems related to the thyroid often persist.

Have you ever wondered why?

What if I were to tell you that the vast majority of ALL of the symptoms associated with thyroid disease have their roots in other imbalances in the body, and NOT in the thyroid, as you have been led to believe.

The thyroid, according to Ancient healing wisdom, is our connection to our ability to know, understand and express our truth with grace and wisdom.

I’m going to let you in on a little truth; your thyroid is literally speaking to you.

Many of the symptoms of thyroid disease that include…

  • Feeling chronically fatigued
  • Weight problems
  • Experiencing forgetfulness and brain fog
  • Frequent and heavy menstrual cycles, or a loss of menses
  • Dry and coarse hair
  • Sore throat and hoarse voice
  • Intolerance to cold temperatures
  • Sleep disturbances

… is your thyroid asking you to take a closer look at your inner world and how you are relating to and interacting with your outer world.

  • You may be taking on too much and NOT setting boundaries
  • You may be unable to absorb nutrients due to high stress
  • You may not be present to your life experiences
  • You may be in a bad relationship that is not serving you
  • You may have something important to say and can’t express it healthfully
  • You may be getting triggered by something that just doesn’t feel right
  • You may be asked to take better care of your physical, emotional, and energetic self
  • You may want to choose a different way to experience the world

If your thyroid is out of balance in some way, it’s time to look at this condition in a whole new way – with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

Pharmaceutical medications will NEVER get to the root cause of what is going on with your perfectly designed human body. Those drugs are not designed to teach you anything about yourself or your condition.

Those medications are specifically telling you and your thyroid to, “Shut-up! We don’t want to hear what you have to say about how you feel, or what you are experiencing in your body. Just be a good girl and keep quiet. Don’t cause any trouble.”

And, if you are a male suffering from a thyroid condition, those medication are are telling you to “shut up!” as well. The medications, and the industries pushing them, don’t discriminate.

As a holistic health thyroid expert, I am encouraging you to listen to what your thyroid gland is saying. Honor it and support it, so you can start living an amazing life while you are inhabiting your beautiful human body here on planet earth.

I can help you understand what your thyroid is saying it needs from you. Whether that is on the physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual plane, I’ve been guiding people for over two decades to understand the thyroid more deeply.

If you have been struggling with a thyroid condition, or have been recently diagnosed, that gland is talking to you.

Get a fresh perspective and PLUS two Free Chapters of my best-selling book, Happy Healthy Thyroid.

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[2] https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/8541-thyroid-disease