Essential Steps to Heal Your Thyroid Condition

Date: Wednesday, October 23rd at 4PM EST
Place: Online
Cost: FREE

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If you are one of the millions of people diagnosed with thyroid disease and suffering with weight problems, hair loss, dry skin, exhaustion, disrupted sleep and lack of libido,  make room in your calendar for my LIVE webinar!

It’s time to stop agonizing and get the health of your thyroid back on track!

Join me LIVE to discover:

  • Why getting to the root cause of your thyroid condition is the only way to heal it
  • That sugar cravings are real and they mean your body is depleted on a deep level
  • Why weight gain and hair loss are NOT due to poor thyroid health
  • How extreme diets can throw your thyroid out of whack
  • Why it’s essential to lower your viral loads and nip EBV before it hijacks your thyroid
  • The essential steps to heal your thyroid and start feeling fantastic!

Mark your calendar, bring your questions, and meet me LIVE to get the support you need!

Wednesday, October 23rd at 4PM EST- Register HERE