Episode 15: Are Aliens Dividing Us?

Humans are separated on every level – and this separation results in us killing each other, both literally and figuratively. But what if aliens were to try to capture us? Is this the only way we would begin to recognize that we are more similar than different?


* While people have so many differences, we are all similar and are from one human race.
* We shouldn’t allow others to pit us against one another.
* Race, religion, political association and vaccination status do not make us any less or morehuman.
* What you can do today to decrease separation and retain power over your own thoughts and actions.
* It shouldn’t take an onslaught of hungry aliens to encourage us to be kind and civil to one another.


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We are divided by race. We're divided by religion, we're divided by nationality, we're divided by color, we're divided by everything. Welcome to Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. This is where you get access to uncensored, holistic and alternative healing wisdom to support your body, mind, and spirit, and help you live a happier and more vibrant life while you're living on planet earth in a perfectly designed human body. And you get it all without any bull crap or nonsense. Let's dive into today's episode.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. I'm so happy that you're here. I wanna speak out about something today. It's been on my mind a lot. It's about the division and the separation of human beings in the world today. And every time that I walk out my door or I open up a newsfeed, which is always a problem, right? I always see the division and the separation of human beings from each other. And we are divided by race. We're divided by religion. We're divided by nationality, we're divided by color, we're divided by everything. Anything that you could think of, there is a division of human beings and how we are all different from each other. I wanna present this scenario to you. Let's say that an alien race comes to earth. I'm not disregarding that there aren't already aliens here, I just wanna put that out there.

But if a new alien race comes to the earth, sets down their little, you know, rocket ships, and they look at us humans, and they think to themselves, hmmm, humans make really delicious hamburgers. Especially, I would love a little piece of human with a side of fries and pickles, right? A little human hamburger with a side of fries and pickles. Ah, let's get all of our buddies and let's get down here and capture all these humans and grind them up and turn 'em into hamburger patties because they are delectable. So let's say that happens, and they have the power to do it right? They're stronger than us. They're smarter than us. Like we think we're the smartest creatures in the world. We're so far removed from reality, but at least aliens come down and they are smarter than us, and they're bigger than us, and they're stronger than us, and they have better guns than us, and better ways to capture us.

And they just start scooping up all the humans. Yeah. Hamburger patties. Yeah. Put 'em into the grinder. Yeah. Let's get these humans. We're gonna have a feast on humans, right? Let me tell you what's gonna happen with all of our divisions. They're going to disappear very quickly, right? So here's what's gonna happen. Let's say there's a safe house, meaning you can only get in there and you're safe in the human house. You're safe from the aliens, But the only requirement is that you have to be human to get in, because the aliens are looking for everyone that's human. So here we are. We're at the door of the safe house. Here comes, oh, is that a black person? No, that's a human. Come on in. Oh, is that a Chinese person? Nope. That's a human. Come on in. Is that a Mongolian? Nope. That's a human.

Come on in. Is that a Russian? Nope. You come on into the safe house. You're a human. Is that a Jewish person? You're a human. Come on into the safe house. Catholic, Muslim, Come on into the safe house. You're human. Mexican. Come on in, come on into the safe house. We got you. We're humans. We're gonna band together. We're gonna beat these aliens. Let's say somebody comes up to the safe house. Oh, you're vaccinated. Oh, you're not vaccinated. Well, both of you come on into the safe house because you're human. Let's get you into the safe house. Let, oh, you got a mask on. You could come into the safe house just as long as when you get into the safe house you, when you take off your mask, we see that there's not a second mouth with fangs that's gonna come out like the alien, and it's gonna eat our faces off.

Okay? As long as underneath the mask, you're still a human. You come on into the safe house, everybody that is human, come on into the safe house. Because we can clearly see that no matter race, color, create religion, political party. Oh, you're, you're a Republican. What? You're a Democrat, or you're a green person and you're a libertarian. Wait, you're human. Come on into the safe house. So all of the humans are gathering up, all the humans, and all of the humans are going into the safe house, because that's the safe place. We know these are human, and we are protecting ourselves from the aliens who wanna make hamburgers out of us and eat us. Now, this is just a scenario, but you can see how the humans, all of the humans, no matter what, race, color, creed, religion, political party, no matter what they got going on, if you are being hunted by aliens that wanna make a hamburger out of you, you are going to identify with every single human in your vicinity, no matter what or who they are.

We are one species here on the planet. And if we look at ourselves, and instead of looking at our differences, we look at our similarities, and we recognize each other regardless of our differences. And we say, you're human. I'm human. We can figure this out. Whatever it is, we could find a way to make this work here on the planet so that we're not killing each other, right? Because it doesn't make any sense. The fact that we're killing each other and killing each other's ideas and slaughtering each other literally and figuratively all over the place. It just doesn't make any sense. So I'm going to suggest to you that if you are not an alien, make peace, not war with your neighbors. Learn to love them regardless of their differences. And the people that are way up high in the most elite positions that are pitting us against each other, maybe they're aliens, I'm just saying, because they're the ones that are pitting us all against each other.

So maybe let's start to look at each other a little bit differently and they won't be able to pit us against each other anymore and they're gonna have to find another way. They're gonna have to find another way to be in control and to be powerful above us. Just something to think about. A little juice for your brain this morning. So these are my thoughts. What are your thoughts about aliens, making peace with your neighbors, loving each other regardless of our differences? I think it can be done. I mean, it'll take a little bit of work, maybe a lot of work, but it can be done. I have a neighbor here on the fifth floor, and throughout the whole pandemic, he was masked and practically spitting at me and cursing at me and every time he passed me on the stairs, you know?

And I was like, Ah, all right. You know, maybe one day he'll get over it. And then finally he took his mask off. I guess it was about a month ago. He took his mask off and, he couldn't look at me on the stairs, but I continued to engage with him, you know, and I'd say hello to him in the morning. And for the first three weeks, he didn't say a word to me. And then this morning he said, hello. Maybe he finally saw that I wasn't going to kill him, and I wasn't an alien. I wasn't gonna make hamburger mince meat out of him. So if you can, spread a little more love and a little less fear and hatred, wherever you go, and let's see if we can stop the aliens from killing us and eating us. All right, everybody. I'll see you next time. Stay safe.

Big thanks and a whole lot of love for tuning in today. All we have in life is time, and I am honored that you spent your time with me. If you are inspired and wanna learn more, head on over to www.andreabeaman.com and sign up to receive updates about reclaiming your health and your happiness in the most delicious and easy ways.