Episode 11: What is the truth?

Today, I am talking to you about a hot topic, “The Truth.” With all of the craziness going on in the world and with conflicting information coming at us from all sides, how do you know what the truth is? Well, I have a fantastic way for you to learn and know your own truth.


* Activating your pineal gland or your third eye will help you find your truth during this confusing time in human history.
* Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do it while washing dishes or taking a walk.
* As you learn and grow, the wiser that you get, your truths will change. So keep at it!


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Get grounded in truth. Tap into your inner wisdom. The part of you that knows that this experience here on the planet is fleeting. You're in and you're out, in a brief window of time, you're gonna leave the body behind and you might take your experiences with you. Welcome to Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. This is where you get access to uncensored, holistic and alternative healing wisdom to support your body, mind, and spirit and help you live a happier and more vibrant life. While you're living on planet earth in a perfectly designed human body, and you get it all without any bull crap or nonsense. Let's dive into today's episode.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another fabulous episode of Andrea Beaman Speaks Out. I'm really happy to see you. And I hope you're happy to see me too. Today, we're gonna be talking about a really hot topic it's called truth. And how with all of the conflicting information that's in the world, and there's a lot, everything is conflicting everything else around the world. You name it. There's something that pops up and right on the other side, there's a conflict about that. How do you know with all of conflicting information, what is the truth? So I'll give you some great examples. I'm not gonna mention any names cuz I wouldn't do that to anyone but not only that, I can't mention any names and I can't mention any actual things. Otherwise I get canceled off the planet. You'll never see or hear from me again. And that's the truth. Okay. So here we go.

Number one. So what's the truth? Is this the devil spawn from Satan? Who's bringing the 666 mark of the beast to the world, right? Is that this is, or is this a philanthropist? Let's try this one. This one's a fun one too. I'm not picking on old guys. I'm not picking on old guys that look very familiar. I'm just using these guys as examples. Is this a kind caring and compassionate medical doctor? Or is this a monetarily motivated power, hungry, little creep who's preying on the population? So how about this? Is this a way to protect you from a virus or is this a way to keep you silent and subservient and obedient? How about this? Is this a life saving medicine? Snake venom? The transformer of the population from a human species into AI? Or robot species? I mean, there's a lot of stuff around this. I'm not gonna tell you what my truth is about all this stuff. I'm just asking you what your truth is. And then how about this one? Are these things behind the scenes running every government on the planet or are they just friendly visitors passing by checking in on us, seeing how we're doing, Hey, how you doing earthlings? Taking care of at it? Are you being good? These are just some examples. I mean, there's every example that you could ever imagine in the world out there in conflict with each other. And there are more truths than this. And when I say truths, there are options for truths depending on your perceptions and how you perceive the world.

So the question is, how do you know, what is the truth with all of the stuff that's flying around in the world? How do you know what is the truth? And what you could believe? One of the ways that I have found that you can find access to a truth or the truth is to tap into your pineal gland. And according to ancient healing medicine, your pineal gland is your third eye. Or if that's too fufu for you, it's the gland in your endocrine system that can help you tap into higher states of consciousness and awareness. And when you have a higher state of consciousness and awareness about who you are and what you're doing in the world, and you're aware of the things around you, then finding or discerning the truth becomes much easier. And there are many ways to tap into your pineal gland. One of the best is to do some form of meditation. I couldn't imagine being in the world today without meditation. And without access to inner wisdom and a higher state of consciousness. Because as you can see, there's a whole lot of crazy going on. And if you don't wanna get caught up in it, you've gotta get yourself grounded in truth. You don't have to go off into a Mountain top cave for 10 years and shut out society entirely to find the truth. But you do need to find quiet time. Now for me, I wake up every morning and I meditate. Now, this is my personal belief system that I first need to tap into my inner self. And my being that knows encased in this human thing, this human body is wisdom. It's a deep wisdom and I couldn't imagine living on the planet without it.

So how do you get to that space? How do you get to your inner truth and your inner knowing? What will work for you while you're here on the planet? And what is the truth for you while you are here? And I would suggest that you access it before you are outta here. You're not staying here forever. That's the truth. Okay. That is the truth. You are not here forever. At least not in that body. And I am not here forever. Not in this body and for the crazy people. And I say crazy that they maybe, maybe they're not crazy. Maybe they're just disillusioned for the people that think that they're going to live forever in this physical body. I'll give you some good examples, Walt Disney and anybody else that has frozen themself inside a little Frio container. To be is it regurgitated? I don't know if that's the right word to be brought back at another time because they, you know, they think that they're gonna be in that body again. Would you wanna be in that body again, like after 200 years? No. I'd want the body to be recycled the way that everything is recycled on the planet, all of the creatures on the planet, they come in and they go out, human beings are no different. We come into the body and here we are for a window of time. And then boop we exit the body and we're adding here. That's the truth. You can't hold onto the body forever. You're going to age. Gonna get old. These are all truths. You have an immune system that protects you. That's a truth. Although I could get canceled for saying that when you're looking for the truth. Go within. Don't go without to all of the different news sources and the medical professionals and this one and that one and the government. And go within to find your truth because you have to live in your truth while you're here on the planet in your body. And like I said, you're not gonna be in your body forever. We all have access to deeper truth and inner wisdom, but we've been disconnected from it. So I'm going to suggest that you do, like I said, some form of meditation and I'm not a meditation master. I'm not gonna pretend to be a meditation master, but I will tell you this, what it does is it just helps you quiet all the external noise so that you could hear your own inner truth without all the nonsense. And when you get to that space, it's much easier here to be here and to look around and see that coming at you and see this coming at you and this and that.

Everybody's trying to get you at something. But you'll know, this isn't true or yeah, that's true. And keep in mind that as you learn and grow and the wiser that you get, your truths will change. Not that universal truths, those will always remain the same. And a universal truth is something like you're not gonna be in your body forever. So that's something to keep in mind while you're here in the body, in your short window of time, access your truth. Find out what that is and follow it to the best of your ability so that you can have a happy and healthy life while you're here. Now I'm gonna recommend some books. One of my favorites is Thích Nhất Hạnh Peace Is Every Step. It was the first meditation book that I ever read. It was given to me by my friend, Jason.

And it was at a time when I was trying to figure out what's the truth. What am I doing here on the planet? What the heck is going on? I was seeking, wanting to know truth, wanting to understand truth. And that book gave me great insight because it taught me that I don't need to sit in a cave and meditate. I could meditate while I'm doing the dishes. Just wash the dishes. That's one of the great things that I got outta that book. And walking meditation as well. I could walk and literally just walk without hearing all the noise, being bombarded with all the nonsense and all the crap and all the lies and all the stuff that that's not going to serve me on my journey and this planet while I'm here for this little short window of time.

So I highly recommend Peace is Every Step to help give you some peace on your, every on this planet cuz you're gonna need it. Cause Lord knows. When you are bombarded with conflicting information coming at you from every single sense that you can imagine, you're gonna need to find some peace and some truth on your journey. And I want you to find your own way to meditate. I've had many clients tell me that they can't possibly sit and meditate and I'm like, great then don't sit and meditate. Walk and meditate. Meditation is simply becoming present. And when you're in the present moment, there are truths that will become evident to you that you cannot deny, even though you would like to. Most people would like to deny truths, right? But I would suggest don't deny the truths. When you hear them and when you see them or when you feel them, they'll resonate with you. They'll resonate in your heart. You'll intuitively get a hit about something. And then if it's the truth, it'll resonate in your heart because your heart knows. Your mind will get all the information your intellect. Your mind will get all the information you'll even get hits of intuition, which are great. But then your heart knows the truth. And you can find this too. It's it's not as hard as you may believe. It just takes practice. So practice, practice, practice. Go into your space, find your inner truth so that no matter what you get bombarded with externally, you know what is right for you while you are here, living in your beautiful body, on planet earth at this very conflicting time in human history. Thanks for meeting me here today. I'm wishing you a whole lot of love from my heart to yours. Find your truth and live your best life. Bye everybody. Big thanks and a whole lot of love for tuning in today. All we have in life is time and I am honored that you spent your time with me. If you are inspired and wanna learn more head on over to www.AndreaBeaman.com and sign up to receive updates about reclaiming your health and your happiness in the most delicious and easy ways.

I don't know what the truth is about that, but I do know the truth about this and I know the truth about that for me.