Enhancing Heart Health

When: Wednesday, February 21th at 4 pm EST
Where: Online
Cost: FREE


According to the CDC, one in four people will die from heart disease this year. That’s a heavy statistic! But, it doesn’t have to end that way. The majority of heart disease is preventable using the tips I’m going to share with you. For example, did you know that bitter flavored foods and herbs can help improve heart function, cool the body, and drain excessive heat? If someone is suffering from heart disease, they are better off eating something bitter rather than something sweet.

We will cover:

– The false ideas about heart disease

– The facts and fats you need to be aware of

– Diet and lifestyle contributors to heart disease

– Ancient Healing Medicine to prevent heart disease

– Exercises to keep your circulatory system and blood flowing

– The best foods and herbs that clear the lymph and support heart health


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