Eating for Energy!


Eating for Energy!

The brilliant scientist Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy.”  And, that includes human beings.

According to ancient teachings the “energy” inside us is called Chi in Chinese Medicine, or Ki in Japanese Medicine, and in Ayurvedic, it is called Prana. But, it all means the same thing – energy or “life-force.”

We are born with a specific amount of energy that is passed down from our ancestors.  That energy determines the length and the quality of our life.  Beyond that, we acquire energy from our daily food and lifestyle choices.

There are many functions going on inside our body that we aren’t even aware of that use energy: The autonomic nervous, the digestive system, the endocrine system, and the respiratory system, etc.  To simply blink an eyelash requires energy.  And, as we use energy, we need to replenish it.

Your cell phone doesn’t run forever without being recharged.  We have to plug it in to some type of energy source to recharge it on a daily basis.  And, then eventually, that cell phone won’t function anymore after it’s reached its capacity for usage.

Just like our cell phones, we need to plug in and recharge.  And, then of course, there will come a time when we are just not rechargeable anymore.  At least, not in this body.  That’s life.

But, until that time comes, you can plug in and recharge all the time.  There is an abundance of energy sources that include food, water, air, earth, sunshine, specific physical exercises, and spiritual connection to a higher power, god or the universe.

Today, we’re focusing mainly on food and how the quality of it can either enhance or deplete our “acquired” energy levels.


Buy food that has not been sprayed or grown with pesticides. Pesticides kill bugs.  It’s pretty simple… the bug eats the pesticide and dies.

What is the difference between a human being and a bug?  Size. We’re bigger.  We’re obviously not smarter, but we’re definitely bigger.  Those same pesticides designed to kill bugs, will kill us too, it just takes a longer time.

American Indian Chief Seattle warned us back in the 1800’s, “What happens to the beasts soon happens to man. We are all connected.”  We are not separate from nature.  We think we can pollute the earth, kill the bugs with chemicals, and those same chemicals won’t have a negative affect on us.

Many people think they can wash off pesticides. You cannot.  Pesticides are sprayed onto plants and the soil around the plant.  The plant uses soil as food, taking up elements from the earth into its roots.  Studies have shown that pesticides are just as high on the inside of the plant as they are on the outside.

Many pesticides are KNOWN endocrine disruptors; they interfere or block communication between glands on our endocrine system.  Your adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system.  The adrenals are literally, the batteries in the human body.  They are responsible for communication between cells, production of hormones, immunity, energy levels and endurance.  If you want enhanced energy, support your adrenals and keep the endocrine disruptors out of the body!  You can learn more about the Adrenals in my Nourishing Adrenal Health DVD.


Right now it is Fall in New York (Northeastern United States).  On the photo below is Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables (cabbage, kale, carrots, leeks).

There is no watermelon, cucumbers, or bananas on that plate.  And, there is a reason for that.  Those cooling foods are not available in a temperate climate, at this time of year.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, it clearly affirms that obtaining uncompromised health comes from aligning yourself with the seasons and with nature.  Going against these natural cycles creates disharmony and disease within the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Most people do NOT even realize they are damaging themselves with the “healthy” food they eat everyday.

For example, clients tell me they don’t eat sugar and yet eat bananas with their breakfast every morning or in a smoothie. Bananas are a sub-tropical and tropical fruit that grows in hot climates and takes nine months to mature. The longer that fruit is exposed to the sun, the more sugar it contains.

Here in New York State we cannot grow bananas. They are foreign to this environment and yet, we have access to them all the time.  Many “health-oriented” people drink banana and fruit smoothies throughout the cold winter months and wonder why they have digestive problems, candida overgrowth, frequent colds, and are lacking energy.

By eating tropical fruits in New York, where they simply do NOT grow, we are going against the seasons, the cycles of nature, and the climate.

A client once told me that bananas do grow in New York.  She said her father-in-law had a banana tree in his backyard and it produced fruit every year.  I said “GREAT! How big were those bananas?”  And, she said, “about two inches.”  I said, “that is exactly how much banana you could eat.”

I then asked her how sweet those bananas tasted. She said, “not sweet at all, and they were kind of gross… like an unripe raw plantain.”  It’s time to send the banana tree back to the tropics where it can thrive!

This doesn’t mean you can never eat a banana in the Northeastern United States.  Just keep in mind that it may be better for your health to have the fruit that grows in abundance where you live. In the Northeastern US, apples and pears reign supreme at this time of year.

Trust in the wisdom of the universe to increase your energy.  Everything in nature is perfectly designed. If bananas grow best in the tropics that is the best place for them to be eaten.