Stoneledge Farm Visit

  • Definitely worth the hard work! Did you know that there is a chemical in soil that creates happiness! People that work with the earth are always happy and healthy people. You are one FUNNY lady.

    • Andrea

      That’s fascinating! I didn’t know there was a chemical in soil that makes people happy… apparently I ingested some of it 🙂

  • Lexi

    Your outtakes are hysterical!!!!!!!!

    • Andrea

      Thanks Lexi! I’ll keep em’ coming.

  • TM

    I agree. We SHOULD have NATIONAL ORGANIC FARMER’S DAY!! Thanks for the link Andrea! !! 🙂

    HEY! there IS a CSA right around the corner from me! No way!! AWESOMENESS ANDREA! 🙂 <3 (I feel like pulling weeds too! ( lol)

    • Andrea

      Yeah!! I’m so happy to hear that you found a CSA right around the corner from you! Life is truly delicious.

  • Kathleen

    First … you crack me up! What a fun teacher you are! Thanks for this clip. I’ve wanted to post something that tells the story about organic farming, and this is a winner!

    • Andrea

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the video and want to repost it! Yeah baby, organic farming is hard work… and lots of fun 🙂

  • Another awesome and fun video Andrea and honestly, I think Pablo says it all “Shut up and do it” Join a csa today!! Peace my birthday sharing friend, you rock!

    • Andrea

      Thanks Dianne. Yes, I think that should be the new tagline for everything… “just shut up and do it!”

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  • Kris

    Great video. Very inspirational…and you are full of energy, as usual. Thanks for positng.

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  • Debbie Dillon

    Awesome Andrea I Love your Farm, you can send me some Garlic lol and I’ll send you some Almonds ?But I’m not weeding ?Your right thank you God and thank you Farmers ??for keeping those veggies and fruits in our bodies ?We Appreciate you !! Thank your local CSA. As always great seeing you Andrea. You look great keep inspiring us to nourish our bodies with Wholesome Foods. Toodles. ??✌️