Do you think you are safe on Facebook?

Facebook was established in 2004 and has been around for two decades.

I personally LOVED my time on Facebook.

It was a great place to connect with people from my past, new friends I met, family members that lived far away, and I was able to share the health and wellness content I created with my business.

But, all of that changed in July 2023.

My professional Facebook page with 47K followers was hacked and taken down.

I tried endlessly to connect with Facebook to no avail.

The hackers used my profile to sell products (including guns) in other countries. I was even contacted by the police in the UK letting me know that someone was fraudulently using my name and information to work with people.

I immediately contacted the New York State and California State Attorney Generals and gave them all of the details, and guess what?

They tried, but couldn’t get any response from Facebook either. The CA attorney general gave up too, and recommended that I hire a lawyer to pursue it further.

After 5 months of trying to connect with any actual humans on FB for help, I released my effort to reclaim my page.

It was sad because I had built that page since 2011, and it was filled with people and content and connections, and stories.

But, I had to let all of that go and continue to move forward without it.

Since that time, quite a few clients and friends contacted me to tell me that they missed seeing my posts on Facebook.

So, I decided to try it again and create a new page.

Within 24 hours of creating my new Facebook business page, I was contacted by eight hackers pretending to be concerned people that wanted to help get my page back.

Some examples below:

Not only that, but I was sent fifteen different messages from various hackers and/bots (non-humans) all claiming that if I did not contact them immediately, my new page would be shut down within 24 hours.

See a partial list of fakes, phonies, and frauds below:

With that being said, for me, Facebook is not a safe space.

It’s clear that Facebook, and many other social media platforms, are crawling with bots (robots not real people), and hackers looking to disrupt what I’m sharing with the world.

Like I said, I used to LOVE Facebook, but even with my new page, I don’t feel it’s a safe space to engage and connect with people.

I’ll still post over there and engage with real people when I see them, but all of my focus has been, and will continue to be on building my private community.

It’s a safe space where people can communicate with each other and freely share their thoughts on natural healing and home remedies, without fear of being hacked, censored, or shut down.

If you want to see the space where my health and wellness content now safely lives without bots and hackers, here it is Health is Wealth Community

When one door closes, another opens.

I’m wishing you vibrant health and happiness on your journey here on planet earth, and safe spaces to connect with people on the web.