Do you regret getting injected?

Recently, I watched a short clip from the Joe Rogan Experience where a friend of his spoke about negative reactions he experienced after getting the double-jab: body aches that never went away, flu-like symptoms, and chronic neck pain.

He also said when he re-visited his doctor to tell him about the symptoms, his doctor told him he was currently treating other people who were experiencing similar reactions related to the jabs. Two of them were medical practitioners that were afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized and stigmatized by their community.

If doctors and nurses cannot speak out about what is happening with the medical injection, we are headed in a very bad direction.

Watch the clip yourself – it’s only 13 minutes.

In a similar vein, I’ve had clients, friends, and family members tell me they have experienced similar reactions, and some of them “regret” getting the jab.

“I had the C-vid for sure once and maybe twice. I took the Pfizer vaccine but regret it.” Rod

“Over the last three months, I have had neck ache each day. The only change is having that wretched Astra Zeneca jab 3 months ago, which despite being supposedly voluntary, feels more like compulsion!! I’m wondering if the jab has upset my immune system, and targeted my neck, which has previously been a weak point.” Chris

Clients that have taken the jab have also told me about chronic migraine headaches (lasting 30 days or longer), extreme lethargy and depression, unrelenting anxiety, severe brain fog, as well as an inability to walk up the stairs because they cannot catch their breath.

This is all pretty serious, but as mentioned in the short Joe Rogan clip, people cannot openly talk about it without fear of being attacked or canceled.

Censorship is real.

And self-censorship due to community pressure is dangerous. Self-censorship not only leads to a compliant and socially oppressed society, but it can also kill your spirit because you are unable to freely express yourself.

I do NOT fall into that socially oppressive category. I openly encourage you to talk about what’s going on with your health. That’s how healing happens.

If you or someone you love is experiencing negative side effects from taking the jab, there is no sense in regretting it or keeping quiet about it.

If we don’t speak up, we can’t get the support needed to heal. It also won’t help others that are suffering in silence.

So, what can someone do if they are experiencing negative side effects of these medical injections?

For starters, stop taking any more injections including the boosters that are going to be rolled out annually.

The only ones fully benefitting without any negative side effects from these shots and booster shots are the pharmaceutical companies. They have already exceeded their financial gains – at least according to Wall Street’s expectations.[1]

“The company’s second-quarter financial results beat Wall Street’s expectations on earnings and revenue. Here’s how Moderna did compared with what Wall Street expected, according to average estimates compiled by Refinitiv:

  • Earnings per share: $6.46 versus $5.96 expected
  • Revenue: $4.35 billion versus $4.2 billion expected”

For everyone else that doesn’t have a financial stake in this v*accine rollout, keep in mind that the toxins in these shots are cumulative, and build up with each dose.

If you are experiencing negative symptoms, you can say “NO” to future injections and get your body back into a healthier state to start healing.

I’m in the business of preventative health care. I encourage people to listen to their body and honor what it is saying, rather than listening to what the news, the media, the government, or your nosey next-door neighbor may be saying.

Health and vitality are at stake here. That should always be the bottom line regardless of what’s happening on wall street with BIG pharma gains.

In general, v*ccines can damage the internal organs, destroy muscle and brain tissue, cause inflammation, and inflame autoimmune conditions.[2] This is not new knowledge.

Currently, we have seen the occurrence of inflammation happening with myocarditis popping up in healthy young people who are taking these C-ovid shots.[3]

For any damage to the internal organs, only time will tell. We don’t have any long-term studies yet.

As far as what to do right now to mitigate the symptoms and heal from potential damage, below are my recommendations

Eat Real Food

Don’t add to the damage by eating junk food, fast food, and chemicalized garbage masquerading as food. BTW crap food is the same stuff that the jab-junkies are actively pushing people to eat.

Eat clean to give your body the nutrients and energy it needs to create healthy blood that feeds your organs and aids your body to function optimally.

This simply means eat real food and nourish your body with the best quality ingredients.

I would also highly recommend that you connect with your local farmers and join a Community Supported Agriculture as soon as possible. It’s the best way to save money and save your health.

More importantly, the people who are growing your food will continue growing your food if you connect with them directly.

At some point in the future, if our food supply becomes compromised and there are food shortages, you’ll be prepared with direct connection to your local farmers.

Detoxify Your Body

People keep asking me how to “detox” their system from the toxic ingredients in the jab.

According to Organic Lifestyle Magazine, “Vaccines are cocktails of preservatives, pathogens, and adjuvants. Adjuvants are intended to stimulate your immune response to the vaccine-introduced pathogens, and they do stimulate your immune system successfully, but they destroy tissues in the process.”[4] 

The human body is an amazing self-healing organism and the detoxification process will happen naturally as it goes about its normal business of cleaning up cellular damage on a daily basis.

We can, however, support the process of detoxification through “fasting.”

When you fast from food entirely or restrict calories, the body goes into a state of autophagy – or housecleaning. “Autophagy is a lysosomal degradation process and protective housekeeping mechanism to eliminate damaged organelles, long-lived misfolded proteins and invading pathogens.”[5]

I think fasting is excellent for overall health and vitality and especially important for those folks that want to rid the body of any damaged cells.

You could incorporate fasting simply and easily by finishing your last meal for the day at 6 or 7 pm and then NOT eat again until 8 or 9 am the following morning. That’ll give your body a 12-15 hour window of abstaining from food.

You can break your fast with a deliciously nourishing breakfast. Hence the name breakfast is exactly what it means … break the fast.

If your body needs additional detoxification support, focus on getting the colon functioning properly so it can discard the toxic waste in a timely manner. Read more on that here: Bowel Movements are Vital to health

Support Natural Immunity

I’m a big fan of boosting natural immunity to give your body the best odds of healing from just about anything.

Whether that means healing from a naturally occurring virus, or an injected virus, or another type of pathogen, or even cancer (which could be the long-term effects of these vaccines – we simply do NOT know), when the immune system is functioning optimally, you’ll have a better chance of winning the fight.

Of course, there are many ways to support and build natural immunity: get outside for sunshine and fresh air, do some type of daily movement (stretching is awesome), and I always recommend nourishing your water element. I cover more of that in-depth here: Supporting Natural Immunity.

For the sake of this article, and potentially having to recover a damaged immune system or a dysregulated immune system, I recommend a natural remedy that has been around for thousands of years.

Reishi Mushroom!

In western herbal medicine, Reishi is well known as an immunomodulator. It stimulates innate immunity while also modulating acquired immunity, resulting in fewer infections and inflammation.

If your immune system is struggling or slow to respond, Reishi can help. And, if your immune system is overly sensitive and attacking the body (an autoimmune condition), Reishi can help as well. It modulates the immune system.

According to modern medical studies, “Reishi mushroom’s claim to promote long-term health may be due to their effect on our white blood cells — the cells that flow through the bloodstream to fight viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, protecting the body from illness. Studies show reishi mushrooms increase the number of white blood cells in your body and improve their function.”[6] 

As an added bonus, Reishi can help you sleep more restfully at night.

So, rid yourself of any regret about the jab, cuz that’ll just cause you more unnecessary stress and tank your immunity.

Instead, get some of these delicious Reishi recipes into your body and start the healing process.

Below are some of my favorites.

Golden Reishi Mushroom Milk

Immune Supportive Longevity Bites

Immune Boosting Hot Cocoa

Wishing you a delicious recovery process!