Do you know where to start healing your thyroid?

As a thyroid expert, people often ask me, “Where should I start if I want to heal my thyroid disease naturally?”

It’s a great question!

I believe the best place to start healing any condition is with a holistic view.

Meaning, don’t just take a recommended medication, herb, or supplement blindly without understanding “why” you are taking it. And even deeper than that, is to understand how the thyroid gland got out of balance in the first place.

Is your thyroid condition physical, emotional, energetic, environmental, or spiritual?

By educating yourself with a wider perspective, you’ll get to know your thyroid gland and what it needs from multiple angles.

If you don’t learn this vital knowledge, you may not be able to fully heal, and the condition will keep returning over and over again.

That’s the western medical model that keeps you trapped in the system taking medication for the rest of your life. And, it won’t benefit your health in the long run.

To start your healing journey, I pulled together some articles to give you insight and education into healing and feeling your best.

Always remember that healing takes time.

Be patient with your thyroid gland and give it the time, attention, ingredients, and love that it needs.

With a greater perspective healing is inevitable.

The ONE Thing You Can Do to Heal Thyroid Disease

In modern society we are always searching for a quick fix – the “one thing” that will help us.

And it’s not just for thyroid disease, but every condition you can think of.

It’s not your fault. It’s the way we have been conditioned through the media, advertising, and modern medical model.

We have been brainwashed to believe there is ONE magic pill we can take to cure our ailments – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. And, if we continue thinking that way, it will lead to a long road of disappointments and failures that leave us feeling defeated.

Always keep in mind that it takes more than just one thing to heal the thyroid. Read more here: The One Thing You Can Do to Heal Thyroid Disease

The Raw Truth About Thyroid Health

I love raw foods, especially in the summertime.

Unfortunately, there are many raw foods that do NOT work well for the thyroid gland and can inhibit iodine uptake.

Here’s an example of an email I got from someone that is eating raw foods and it’s not working.

“I’m trying everything I can to lose weight and heal my thyroid condition, but it’s not working. I eat a plant-based diet with lots of raw vegetables and smoothies. I keep feeling more and more exhausted. What am I doing wrong?” – Susan

The first thing I told her is to get off the RAW foods!

Raw foods are wonderful, delicious and nutritious, but they are not necessarily good for all conditions. Especially, not for someone suffering from a “cold” thyroid condition.

In this Raw Truth article, you’ll discover that there is a time and place for raw foods.

Radiate My Thyroid? No Freakin’ Way!

One of the reasons how I became a thyroid expert is by experiencing my own journey dealing with what the my doctor said was “an incurable thyroid condition.” 

Had I listened to the doctor and radiated my thyroid when I was first diagnosed with hyperthyroid over 25 years ago, I would not be sharing any of this knowledge about natural healing with you and millions of other people around the world.

I am truly grateful for my illness as it taught me much about how to obtain real health and wellness using a truly holistic model. You can read more about that here: Radiate My Thyroid?!

Herbal Tea for Hypothyroid

Herbal Tea for Hypothyroid
The most popular thyroid conditions are hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

When clients are going through the process of healing these thyroid conditions, they often suffer with uncomfortable symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, lethargy, moodiness, PMS and hormone imbalance, dry skin, and cold hands and feet.

That’s when a little cup of tea can ease some of that discomfort and help them feel better while healing them slowly and surely.

Tea is gentle medicine. But, gentle doesn’t mean ineffective.

This is the easiest and safest way to start the healing process. Sip on 2-3 cups of this Hypothyroid Tea daily for the best results.

Most People Don’t Know This About Healing the Thyroid


The thyroid is an amazing gland and it does a lot of work in the human body.

BUT, when the thyroid is out of balance it’s a warning signal from your body that other organs, glands and systems need to be addressed ASAP.

If you are suffering from symptoms of thyroid disease, your body is speaking to you and letting you know that something is amiss.

Your thyroid, as the master communicator, is warning you that the quality of your nutrition, stress levels, immunity, circulation, emotional health, and environment need to be assessed and altered in some way.

The thyroid is literally speaking to you and it’s wise to hear what the gland is saying, and then make the necessary adjustments.

Read more in this article to figure out ways to get to the root cause of your condition to truly heal.

Herbal Tea for Hyperthyroid

For the past 20 years hypothyroid and hashimoto’s thyroiditis have been leading the way in diagnoses.

But, over the past few years there has a been a steady increase in hyperthyroid and graves diagnoses.

One of the main reasons for this is the amount of stress that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

You can use this simple hyperthyroid tea to help your body, mind and nervous system calm down.

Even if you do NOT have hyperthyroid, but you are feeling the effects of being highly stressed in today’s world, you can use this tea.

Gaining Weight and Unable to Lose it is NOT Due to a Faulty Thyroid

Nine out of ten clients struggling with thyroid conditions are concerned about their weight.

And, I totally get it!

When I was suffering from a thyroid condition, I was battling my weight too.

But, from reading this article, you’ll discover that weight gain has much less to do with your thyroid than you think. It’s more closely connected to the health of your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system needs to clear cellular debris on a daily basis, and the liver needs to be functioning well, for you to achieve an ideal weight.

As you can see, understanding the thyroid from a wider more holistic perspective can help you resolve the condition and stop suffering.

If you want to gain more insight, hop on my FREE Thyroid Healing Session to gain clarity on what to do right now to heal and feel your best. I’ll walk you step by step through the process and help clear any confusion.