Do you know what to do if you thyroid stops working?

I recently met with a couple that had an interesting experience with a very popular thyroid diet that is sweeping the nation.

They started their day with a glass of celery juice.

Then they drank a heavy metal detox smoothie that contained bananas, blueberries, cilantro, barley grass powder, spirulina, dulse and water. After that, they usually ate some type of salad for lunch and then finished their day with a spinach soup or cauliflower rice, or some other plant-based meal.

In the beginning of their new food journey they both felt great! Lighter in body and spirit, more mental clarity, less anxiety, and he stopped taking his daily hypothyroid medication.

This was a whole new diet and lifestyle for them, and they were hooked on it and feeling fabulous!

That is… until things went terribly wrong.

He began losing all of the hair on his arms and legs. His lower legs and feet became swollen with edema. His face and eyes were swollen and puffy, too. His muscles ached and he had no energy. When he stood up from a sitting position his body would lock in place, or freeze, and he would be unable to take a step forward or back. It was very scary for him being unable to move his body at such a young age (early 50’s).

Needless to say, after 2½ years of experimenting with this new diet fad, they are now completely turned off to it. And, they are currently in the process of attempting to regain their health. It’s going to take some time, but they can do it.

So what happened?

Well first and foremost, his thyroid completely stopped working.

From a practitioner’s perspective using the wisdom of ancient healers, that type of diet for his specific thyroid condition was detrimental to his health and overall vitality.

A hypothyroid condition is mostly a “cold” condition. People suffering with hypothyroid often complain of feeling chilled or unable to warm up.

The wide variety of raw foods he was eating, made his cold condition even colder.

In the beginning of his journey, those same raw foods were great at cooling the inflammation he was suffering with. But, as he continued eating those cold raw foods all day, every day, throughout every season, for a couple of years, he essentially diminished his digestive fire and made his body too cold.

When the internal body grows cold, food doesn’t get broken down well and the blood doesn’t move as freely.

In his case, he created a “frozen” condition. His digestive fire was no longer a fire. It was cold and damp. That means he couldn’t break down and absorb the nutrients needed to build thyroid hormones. Not only that, he was too low in protein. Hair is a protein discharge. His loss of body hair speaks volumes that he didn’t have the nutrients needed to create new hair when the old hair fell out.

The cold condition was obviously clear when he would stand up and his body would lock, or freeze, and he would be unable to move. He was literally, frozen in place.

For his hypothyroid condition, he needed more warming foods and heating spices. He needed to stoke his digestive fire, not put it out. He also needed more protein, and he needed the proper ways to prepare those proteins so he could digest them.

Understanding the body and the thyroid, and supporting it with what it needs to thrive is one of the reasons why I do NOT recommend one specific diet for all people. It simply doesn’t work.

What I teach people about naturally healing the thyroid is NOT another diet fad. Never was, and never will be.

In my books, blogs and online Nourishing Thyroid Health Program, we cover food and how to prepare it, why it’s imperative to eat seasonally and locally, specific herbs to support thyroid health, and so much more.

Don’t get trapped in the latest thyroid diet fad, get the insight and guidance you need to heal your condition and stop suffering.

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Wishing you a happy, healthy thyroid!