Do you know they rejected holistic?

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I spend money on advertising to get my work and offers seen by a larger audience.

I’ve been using paid ads for over a decade but within the past few years my team and I noticed that our advertising copy needs to be carefully worded to get approved on specific platforms.

This year, something very interesting happened on both Google and Facebook (Meta).

Any advertisement that had the word “holistic” in it was rejected for violating advertising policies. See below from Meta.

According to the person running my ads, it wasn’t until the word “holistic” was removed from the ad copy that they were finally approved.

Why on earth would “holistic” be rejected by both Google and Meta at this time? It’s a word we’ve been using in ad copy for over a decade.

Below is the meaning of Holistic according to the Cambridge dictionary:

  • Relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts
  • Holistic medicine attempts to treat the whole person, including mind and body, not just the injury or disease.

That definition is accurate.

It’s the method used by holistic practitioners like myself and others, to help someone get to the root cause of illness so they can feel better and live a more vibrant healthy life.

We don’t focus on the sickness itself – that’s the western medical model that has infected the world.

Instead, we view the entire person (mind, body, spirit) and work to adjust their diet and lifestyle, to help them see the whole picture of why their body is out of balance and how to shift it into a healthier and happier state of being.

It empowers people.

It also helps them get out of fear, and out of a system that chops them up into separate parts and pieces, both literally and figuratively.

The holistic model of wellness puts people back together again – as one whole functioning system.

My question is…

WHY is the word holistic being rejected by the two biggest platforms in the world?

Could it be because holistic health:

  • promotes prevention and healing of disease
  • reduces medical bills
  • is empowering


Or, maybe it could be because a much bigger one-world medical system is coming in the very near future and that system doesn’t want any competition.

It also doesn’t want empowered people – it want’s compliant people that follow their rules and recommendations without questioning any of them.

I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about, but for those of you that don’t, here’s what that system looks like…

The World Health Organization (WHO) has positioned itself to be the ONE system in the world that makes the rules of what you can and cannot find on the internet, and what can be used as medicine.

Everything else will disappear (wiped clean from the internet), be extremely hard to find, or get labeled as misinformation.

For example, did you know that Google announced a multi-year collaboration agreement with the WHO to promote the WHO’s guidelines on what is labeled misinformation and what is considered legitimate health guidance?

You can learn more about the WHO’s collusion with Google in this article: Holistic Health Options They Don’t Want You to Find

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is set to be finalized in May 2024, and it will make them the leading health authority on future pandemics and what type of medicine can be legally forced onto the world’s population.

Just as Google and Meta rejected the word holistic, I reject authoritarianism and some organization mandating how I support my own health and well-being.

It’s clear that a new model of health-care is needed.

One that gives people the freedom to choose whether they want holistic, alternative, or contemporary treatment.

If you are concerned about what’s coming down the pipeline in regard to healthcare, and you are seeking the freedom to source holistic solutions when you need them, I encourage you to join my Health is Wealth Community.

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