Do you have freedom to choose what’s best for you?

I believe in the freedom to choose what’s best for the body I am inhabiting while experiencing life here on earth.

Especially, as it relates to my personal health and wellness.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • What food to eat to nourish/support/heal
  • What medicine to take (herbal, conventional, ancient, modern)
  • Which disease prevention activities to engage in (sunshine, fresh air, exercise)
  • Which practitioner to trust with my health (naturopath, herbalist, health coach, acupuncturist, chiropractor, shaman, MD, etc.)

The result of my good health is a compilation of all the choices I make.

Your health and wellness is YOUR choice as well.

  • If you want to take pharmaceutical medication, that should be up to you.
  • If you want to support yourself holistically, that should be up to you, as well.

Unfortunately, there are forces at work that want to take away our freedom to seek out and choose our own personal health options.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, any treatment that fell outside of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, were actively censored far and wide across all continents and borders.

And, coming up in 2024, alternative healing options will not only continue to be heavily censored, but medical interventions recommended by the WHO could be enforced by law and international health regulations.

You can learn more about how this can happen in this video by Dr. John Campbell.

The updated Pandemic Treaty set to be passed in 2024 (unless countries object to it), gives the WHO the right to enforce medical protocols onto the world’s population.[1]

They are appropriately called the “World Health Organization,” but I believe a better name for their organization would be “World Health Domination.”

The updated pandemic treaty is very troubling, of course.

Not necessarily for me, because I’ve been living healthfully outside of the mainstream medical system for a long time (over 25 years). I know how to care for myself with easy home remedies, and more importantly, I’m not reliant on the medical system for any aspect of my health.

But, it’s troubling for the millions of people around the world that will NOT be able to get  access to any other choices for their health.

The protocols to be rolled out and enforced by the WHO during the next pandemic include:

  • What type of medicine you get
  • Whether or not to lock you inside your home
  • Whether you’ll need to mask up in public
  • Whether or not you can travel
  • What your medical status is

As a FREE human being living in America, that doesn’t work for me.

If it works for you to follow those orders lockstep without question, that should be your choice.

But, if you are questioning what has happened over the past few years and are seeking to keep yourself FREE…

  • Free from medical tyranny
  • Free from the chains of Big Pharma
  • Free from chronic illness
  • Free from preventable diseases
  • Free from nonsense that doesn’t sit well with you

Then, I think it would be wise to get educated on holistic health and alternative healing remedies so you have the confidence to stand firm in your choices (no matter what they are) and access the treatments that make the most sense to you.

I’m not suggesting you forgo medical attention if you need it. Modern medicine is excellent at working with trauma, accidents, and putting the human body back together again after it’s been broken into pieces.

What I am suggesting is that you keep yourself educated and FREE to make the choices that make the most sense to you for preventing illness and promoting vibrant health and happiness.

I encourage you to join me and many other like-minded people that are making the choice to remain free, happy and healthy.

You can easily do this by learning to support your bodily systems holistically to give your mind, body, and spirit exactly what it needs to thrive and feel your best.

I’ll teach you how to do this in my Health is Wealth community where you get unlimited access to understanding the body from a holistic perspective.

I believe you have the right to choose what’s best for you.

Don’t let anyone take away your freedom.

Learn more about my Health is Wealth Community to see if it’s the right choice for you.