Do you have boundless energy?

My dog, even though she is domesticated, has a very strong prey drive.

It’s inspiring to watch her run full tilt, leap over tall fences (in a single bound), and climb trees to get at her intended target. This includes quick-footed little furry creatures, especially those with long fluffy tails. You know who I’m talking about.

When she is on the hunt doing what is most natural for her, she has boundless energy. I marvel at her agility and expertise. She’s in the flow for sure.

As I watch her, I think about my own life. There are times when I too, have seemingly boundless energy. And, there are other times when I simply slog through an activity trying to get to the other side of it.

Do you know that feeling? I’m sure you’ve felt it at various times in your life.

For me, the times when my energy is being fully fueled is when I am sharing knowledge in some way: teaching classes, speaking to audiences, or coaching.

That specific internal energy I feel isn’t fueled by eating the latest superfood or by drinking stimulants like coffee and tea, it comes from tapping into what drives me at my core. It’s something that is a must for me to be my best self.

And, for me at the core is “to inspire.” 

There’s a great quote by Margaret Fuller that says, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candle at it.”

I love that quote! It resonates with me because I live it while doing my work.

If you are doing work that resonates with you, this naturally increases energy and vibrancy. But, if you are slogging through your day tackling activity after activity without the fuel to keep you going, it will drain your energy… no matter how well you’re eating and taking care of yourself.

Here’s something to think about as you go through your day…. are you doing work that fuels you or drains you?

If you’re feeling drained, look beyond your diet and lifestyle. There may be something a little deeper that can improve your energy.