Do you have a nasty cold or are you suffering with seasonal allergies? Here is insight and a healing tea.

For the past few weeks, friends, family and clients have contacted me complaining that they suddenly came down with a nasty cold that they just can’t seem shake loose.

When I suggest that it may be seasonal allergies, they all had a similar reaction, “That’s not possible! I don’t have allergies.”

Just because you’ve never had them, doesn’t mean you won’t ever get them.

As the liver does its amazing job of naturally cleansing the body, it can set into motion a series of bodily processes that can look and feel a lot like allergies or the common cold: itchy eyes, running nose, head congestion, sneezing, coughing, and trouble breathing.

This congestive trouble is an indicator that the detoxification systems in your body may be sluggish and unable to keep up with the waste that needs to be eliminated. That, combined with the toxicity we are ALL exposed to in our environment (man-made toxins in the air, water, and soil), can contribute to allergic reactions to substances that you have never been allergic to before (pollen, mold, dander, dust).

I even had one client tell me that she is suddenly allergic to apples!

So much for the healthy old adage, “an apple a day.”

Every time she ate even a small piece of an apple, she sneezed about 15 times.

There are many ways to remedy allergic reactions, and it begins with a simple cup of tea.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from sniffling, sneezing, head congestion, or simply just not feeling a spritely spring in their step, share a cup of Allergy Relief Tea with them.

It can help them get back on their feet again, even if they insist that they do NOT have any allergies. Here’s how…

Allergy Relief tea contains:

Nettle leaf – natural anti-histamine and mineral rich herb that nourishes the body and supports kidney function

Red clover blossoms – helps move the lymph and cleanse the blood

Licorice root – strengthens the adrenals, supports the stomach, and is a natural anti-histamine

Elder berries and flowers – rich in vitamin C and bio-flavanoids that supports mucous membranes and helps clear the lungs

All you need to do is follow the instructions, add boiling water, steep for 20-25 minutes, and get ready to enjoy all the beauty that each season has to offer.

Here’s the recipe: Allergy Relief Tea