Do you eat these untested foods?

Over the past few years, a lot of interesting things have happened with regards to mRNA technology.

It first became popularized with the Covid-19 shots. But, prior to that, most regular everyday folks had never heard of it.

Starting in 2021, the vast majority of the human population here on planet earth was encouraged (or coerced) to take the mRNA injection.

They were told the technology would stop them from catching the virus, stop them from spreading the virus to other humans, and stop the virus dead in its tracks.[1]

None of that turned out to be true.

In fact, the opposite happened.

The more doses of mRNA vaccine you took into your body, the higher your risk of contracting the disease.[2] [3]

With that being said, if you are not aware, that same technology has been used on farmed animals (swine) since 2016 and earlier.[4] [5]


And, moving forward, ALL factory-farmed animals (big AG) will be injected with this technology because according to the experts, the benefits of mRNA vaccines in livestock over the traditional ones that are currently being used is that they’re easier to make, can be made more quickly and can be updated for new variants of pathogens more easily, subsequently saving more livestock.”[6] [7]

But, I have a question…

If that mRNA technology didn’t work the way they said it was going to work for the human population, how is that any different in the animal population?

I’m not the only one questioning this, many people on social media are expressing their concerns about eating animals injected with this technology.

The news outlets reporting about this subject, and the scientists, professors, researchers and big AG companies that are promoting these mRNA shots for animals, swear by the technology, say it’s safe to use, there are no side effects, and there’s nothing the general population needs to be worried about.

In a pro-mRNA article, Professor Shayan Sharif with the Ontario Veterinary College says, There haven’t been studies on the side effects of humans eating animals that have been vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, but there’s no evidence to show that there would be any.”[8]

Well, there you have it!

There are NO studies or any testing on the effects of mRNA injected animals and what happens to humans when we ingest them.

None, nada, zippo.

It seems like the more educated you are, the less critical thinking you have access to.

With the rollout on the human population, and the misinformation that was actively spread by well-esteemed doctors, news organizations, governments, and philanthropists around the world, you would think that a big lesson would have been learned, no?

Apparently, not.

Once again, the establishment pushes profit over people, and profit over animal welfare, too.

The global food system is a messy system that I have NOT trusted since healing my condition back in 1996.

I am very clear that what I eat becomes my body on a cellular level.

And, I am grateful that I do NOT purchase global food system animal products.

I know who my farmers are and how they are raising and caring for their animals.

Quality animal husbandry is vital for the welfare of the animals and the people that consume their products.

This is the highest priority for me and my family.

If what you put into your body is important to you, and you don’t want a dose of anything you don’t want a dose of, connect with your local small-scale farmers for better quality food.

Do NOT leave the fate of your food in the hands of people that are either clueless or are being paid large amounts of money to spew bullcrap.

By the way, your veggies are next in line for mRNA technology. You can read more about that here: Have you eaten your mRNA veggies today?

There are many ways to get better quality food that is raised naturally, with integrity, and without crap.

I’m personally connected with Amish farmers in the northeastern United States through and it’s where I get the bulk of my meat, eggs, and dairy from.

Sign up today to find a local farmer near you, and you’ll get 10% off your first order:

Trust me on this… get the heck out of the global food system and connect with traditional farmers that are raising food with care and integrity.

You are worth it!