Do you eat beans? I love them!

My community-supported agriculture (CSA) offers bean shares.

Naturally, as a bean-lover, I jumped at the opportunity to get organic, locally grown beans from New York State.

Little did I know exactly what I was getting in to…

Every month I get another three (yes 3) big bags of beans. They are each one and a half pounds (or more) and include pinto beans, black beans and cannellini beans (red and white).

Holy jack-and-the-bean-stalk!

That’s much more beans than I was expecting. But, I love them, so it’s easy to find delicious ways to eat them.

I’ve been keeping busy updating old bean recipes on my website and creating new bean recipes with my plethora of beans.

While my nephew was staying with me, we had franks and beans. This is considered a classic pairing in many cultures around the world: beans with pork. He LOVED them and so did my husband.

We’ve also prepared every kind of chili imaginable (veggie chili, turkey chili, beef chili).

In the fall as the weather cools, we’ll start preparing a wide variety of creamy bean soups.

And, throughout the summer, I always create new bean salad recipes.

Like this one below: Roasted Squash and Kidney Bean salad.

For those of you that are worried about exploding butt syndrome because you have trouble digesting beans, no worries… follow these easy steps to make beans more digestible for you.

Enjoy the recipe!

Roasted Squash and Kidney Bean Salad