Do humans cause climate change?

I was hiking through the woods upstate New York during the winter, and posted a video on Instagram encouraging people to get outside and take advantage of the warmer weather aka “climate change.”

Some folks were ruffled by my easygoing and lighthearted approach to the shift in weather and had some interesting things to say about it.

Here’s the short video if you want to take a look:

Here are some of the other comments:

I think he’s correct. We are the “agents of climate change.”

But, I have a different view of climate change than the above naysayers.

First and foremost, the earth is an amazing self-regulating living bio-system, and I feel blessed and grateful to be one of the life-forms inhabiting it. I know that I am NOT separate from the bio-systems of the earth, so I do my best to care for the planet while I’m here.

Prior to humanity’s short existence here, for millions of years the earth has experienced periods of great floods, heat, growth, ice-ages, and renewal. And, during these natural ecological and self-regulating processes many species have come and gone.

Occasionally, meteorites hit the earth, wreak havoc, and stir up particles in the atmosphere to block the sun. And, the earth self-regulates again, and life abounds.

All without human intervention.

On the other hand, as far as the human-caused climate change that is on the lips of every news broadcaster, politician, science-based environmentalist, and social media naysayer, I do agree that humans are causing climate change. BUT, not the way they think it’s being caused.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Scientists have been actively manipulating the weather and bio-engineering the sky since the 1940’s. These humans are treading in dangerous territory.

If you have not heard of “cloud-seeding” and “cloud brightening” to modify the weather, here’s what that looks like:

“The stresses of drought, upon water supplies for drinking and to supply the west’s vast agricultural systems, have prompted eight states to look to a form of weather modification called cloud seeding to stave off the worst. Cloud seeding involves using aircraft or drones to add small particles of silver iodide, which have a structure similar to ice, to clouds. Water droplets cluster around the particles, modifying the structure of the clouds and increasing the chance of precipitation.”[1]

Modifying the structure of clouds to increase precipitation for our mono-crops is extremely short sighted and goes against the natural process of the earth’s living bio-system.

This type of thinking is, I believe, the height of human arrogance and ignorance, and lacks wisdom and basic common sense.

The clouds are part of the earths self-regulating biosphere.

“The biosphere functions as the planet’s life support system, assisting in the control of atmospheric composition, soil health, and the hydrological (water) cycle. An indicator of a biome’s contribution to the earth. The biosphere is a narrow zone on the surface of the earth where soil, water, and air combine to sustain life. Life can only occur in this zone.”[2]

Something to consider, that has NOT yet been considered, is that our mono-cropped agricultural systems that deplete both top soil and the fresh water supply, are not healthy for the planet or for the people living on it.

Mono-cropping is NOT sustainable and yet scientists and corporations are trying to sustain that unsustainable system by whatever means necessary.

Permaculture farming, on the other hand, that uses a whole biological system approach to nourish the land and work with nature, rather than against it, could be a much better alternative.

But, a permaculture type of solution falls on deaf ears. “Climate science” experts consistently attempt to dominate and manipulate nature, and bend her to their will, rather than work with her.

This is a big mistake.

Manipulating the clouds is NOT the only form of “human-caused” climate change, there is also Solar Geo-Engineering. This is even more frightening as it relates to the survival of ALL living organisms on the planet.

“The greenhouse effect increases the amount of sunlight that the Earth absorbs, thereby heating the planet. To counter this, several methods have been proposed to cool the Earth by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth in the first place. These light reflecting methods are collectively called solar geoengineering. One method involves spraying tiny particles called sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect away sunlight. Sulfate aerosols are naturally released from volcanoes and desert dust.”[3]

Every living organism on the planet needs sunlight for survival, including plants, animals, and humans.

Reflecting the sunlight away from the earth, I believe, is going to bring early demise to ALL life as we know it, on this planet.

By the way, biosphere and weather manipulation are not new, it’s been going on for decades.

So, if you’re wondering why vitamin D levels have been consistently dropping over the past 20 years, solar geoengineering may be one of the reasons. Sunlight is actively being deflected away from the planet.

I think the scientists may have initially had good intentions, but they are not thinking about the long-term negative effects on what they are doing to the earth and its inhabitants.

This is akin to the way modern medicine has been treating the human body.

If, for example, the gallbladder has stones, the medical protocol is to remove the gallbladder. It doesn’t actually fix the problem, and throws the entire body out of balance. Ask anyone that has had gallbladder surgery if their digestive troubles have resolved.

Blocking out the sun, and manipulating the weather won’t actually fix the problem of global warming, but it will throw the entire biosphere out of balance.

What’s going on today with the earth and our response to climate change reminds me of a great quote by Henry David Thoreau.

In the 1800’s he famously said, “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”

So, as I said in my short Instagram video, get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, including the climate, while you still can before we screw it all up.

What are your thoughts on “climate change” and our response to it?