Ditch Your Weight Loss Resolutions!

Ditch Your Weight Loss Resolutions!

How many years in a row have you made resolutions to diet and lose weight, and have been unsuccessful?

Or, maybe you lost the weight initially and then gained it all back… plus some.

New Year’s resolutions for weight loss are mostly doomed for failure.

Not because you haven’t given it your best shot. You are certainly not a failure!

It’s simply because in the middle of winter, January, is the worst time of year to restrict calories and deprive your body of what it really needs.

During the cold winter months the body uses calories to heat us up. Food’s overall warming effect is known as thermogenesis (“heat making”). Eating provides fuel and increases heat production.

Restricting calories when the weather gets cold activates our body’s innate winter wisdom to store fuel for survival purposes. Therefore, restricting calories in cold weather can possibly create more fat storage.

The more calorie restriction, the more cellulite deposits. Oh the horror! Don’t do it!

Instead of throwing your body out of balance by restricting calories when it needs it most, resolve to get the off the junk food, and highly processed, chemicalized food.

Get into the healthy habit of eating real food instead. Delicious foods that humans have enjoyed, and thrived on, for centuries include whole grains and grain products, beans, animal proteins and fats, vegetables from the land and sea, fruits, and nuts and seeds.

Improve the overall quality of your food and resolve to spend some money where it really matters; on naturally raised, organic and pesticide-free food that can help clean up the inside of your beautiful body.

This one resolution, to eat better quality food, can set you up for a lifetime of good health.

Supply your body with the best quality calories money can buy. You are worth it! Learn more about this in my book, Health is Wealth – Make a Delicious Investment in You!

The best time of year to diet and restrict calories is in the Spring.

In the meantime, here is a warming, Hearty Winter Minestrone to help keep you properly fueled and feeling fabulous.