Detox Your Liver and Spring into Spring

The springtime, I believe, is the best time of year to go “vegan” or “vegetarian” for a period of time.

Traditionally, many cultures and religions around the world have used some type of cleansing or fasting ritual, especially in the Spring and Fall months.

Fasting helps lighten the load and relieve the stagnation of winter (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that the spring correlates with the energy of the Liver and Gallbladder meridians.

Reducing animal fats and proteins, as well as fasting, supports the renewal of this complementary organ system.

Every Spring, I too, begin a fasting ritual to support my liver and gallbladder and help me feel revitalized.

I eat lighter foods (spring soups and salads) and reduce animal proteins and fats for a few weeks.

I’ll follow that up with three to five days of The Master Cleanser (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water).

While doing the Master Cleanser, I actually abstain from food entirely and only drink liquids (and healing teas) during that short period of time.

Some folks fast for longer, but 72 hours works perfectly to naturally detox my system.

Whatever you are called to do at this time of year, whether it’s to go vegetarian, fast or use some other means to clear toxins, get started now and spring into spring feeling renewed and refreshed.

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Have a Happy Spring.