Detox your Body with a Spring Cleanse

When: Wednesday, March 21th at 4 pm EST
Where: Online
Cost: FREE


Have you suddenly gotten the urge to organize the closets, start a new project, or begin a cleanse?  If you have, you are in alignment with Spring energy.

But if you are feeling stuck, congested, achey and can’t make good decisions, it’s time to do some Spring cleaning in both your home, and in your body.

Hop on my LIVE webinar to learn to properly cleanse your body and mind with the start of the new season.

We will cover:
– Why our body will feel out of balance if we don’t intentionally cleanse as Spring arrives
– How to avoid odd aches and pains when the season changes
– Why eliminating animal products temporarily assists the cleansing process
– How traditional Chinese medicine clears the gallbladder and liver meridians during this season

– Why it’s imperative to keep your colon moving during a cleanse
– The specific food and herbs to help you get “unstuck”

Join us live to get your cleansing questions answered!

Andrea Beaman is an internationally renowned Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef, Herbalist, Health Educator and Thyroid Expert who teaches worldwide using a natural healing approach. For more information go to www.AndreaBeaman.com