Cuvee Bistro & Wine Bar, Greenport, NY

  • Gail Rosin

    I am getting in the car now, and going to Cuvee. And I have to say, I love Andrea’s hair! I love the curls, but, this new look works too!!

    • Andrea

      I’m so happy you’re inspired to go out and get a meal at Cuvee. Please let me know what you ordered, how it tasted, and your overall experience. Oh, and thanks for the compliments on my hair!

  • Frances Taylor-Brown

    Hi Andrea, Wow, sounds awesome!
    I had Gabriel(6) and Mikaela(3) watch and was excited to have them hear that your food becomes your body: your skin, your hair, your cells, your blood. They both got a kick out of the idea of eating a flower (we watched that part about three times)

    • Andrea

      Yeah! So happy you and your beautiful kids liked the video and got a kick out of it! Next spring/summer take them to the farmer’s market and purchase a container of edible flowers – so yummy! Sending you (and Gabriel and Mikaela) a big hug.