Community Supported Agriculture- NYC

  • Love the CSA Silverbrook Farm, Dartmouth, MA

    • Andrea

      Thanks for sharing your CSA with us, Brian!

  • TM

    oh wow! 4 blocks?!?!?! You are SOOOOO LUCKY!!! 🙂 <3

    • Andrea

      I know! I feel truly blessed to have access to great food so close to home. Put in your zip code to either or to find a CSA nearest you. Hey… ya never know – there could be one right around the corner from you!

  • I love CSA’s. It’s great to know that even in the middle of NYC you can just walk 4 blocks and pick up your fresh from the farm organic local produce! Here in Portland, we have many farmers markets too. You can use the same website mentioned to find your local farmers market as well.

    Great video Andrea… thanks 🙂

    • Andrea

      Omigosh, Dianne, I love my CSA. The food is so fresh it is literally bursting with flavor. I gave my little sister some cherry tomatoes and she couldn’t believe how sweet they were.