A clean sweep for your body and mind this year

Everyone starts the new year with the best intentions, but often after a few weeks they lose their desire and appeal to keep going…

  • “I’m going to lose 20 pounds…”
  • “I’m going to get up early to sit and meditate…”
  • “I’m going to quit smoking…”
  • “I’m going to stop eating sugar…”
  • “I’m going to start fresh with a new diet…”

Do any of those resolutions sound familiar?

If yes, they are all noble intentions, but maybe they need a different approach to make them more doable. Let’s take them on one at a time.

Lose 20 pounds

No joke, I have got the quickest and easiest way for you to lose 20 pounds, or more, in a single day. Impossible, you say? I think not. Go stand in front of your closet right now. Look at your clothes. What have you NOT worn in over 1 year or longer? Grab it out of your closet, put it into a duffel bag and bring it to your local homeless shelter. Done! 20 pounds, gone…

Get up early and meditate

Most folks are under the impression that they have to sit in lotus position in a quiet incense and candlelit filled room to meditate. It’s not true. You can meditate anytime and anywhere simply by following your breath. Take a deep breath in and follow it all the way down into your body, exhale and follow it all the way out. Stay focused on this one task. You can even do it right now. Follow your breath 10x, anytime, anywhere, and you have started your meditation practice. Boom, done… next!

Quit smoking

I used to smoke cigarettes. And, I used to say I was quitting every single year! But, it wasn’t until I started meditating in my early 30’s that I finally gave up smoking. It’s a funny thing… smoking is a form of meditation. The smoker is intentionally drawing in a breath. Don’t focus on quitting smoking, do the breathing exercise above and the smoking will naturally become less and less desirable. Shazam…

Stop eating sugar

Most folks complain that their sugar cravings are insatiable and they simply cannot stop eating sugar and sugary laden products. That’s when I encourage them to clean up their gut. Our body will crave things, especially sugar, when the bacteria (and other creatures) in the intestines are overgrown and wreaking havoc on our health. Those little boogers want to be fed. And, what do they want? Sugar! So if you’ve got uncontrollable sugar cravings, get Paraguard. It’s got green/black walnut hull, wormwood and bayberry to tone, astringe and deworm the intestines, fennel seed and quassia bark to support liver and gallbladder health, reduce heartburn and improve digestion, and garlic to promote healthy mucilage. The bottom line; it’s going to keep rogue bacteria and critters in check, so you get to be the boss of your body once again. Clean sweep…

New diet 

How many times have you said, “I’m going to start a new diet!” It’s hard to start something new, if all of the old foods that no longer serve you are still hanging around (think cookies and nacho cheese chips that are tucked away in the corner of your kitchen pantry right now). If you discard them or give them away, you don’t have to worry about those foods calling to you. Because if they are anywhere near you, they will call to you! Those cookies and chips will scream your name, and they will even haunt you late at night in your dreams. If they are close, you will inevitably answer their call to be eaten. If you want something sweet, keep fruit in the house. If you want something salty and crunchy there’s good old salted nuts and seeds, or celery sticks. Eventually, you’ll create new habits once the old ones are out of reach, literally. Ka Blam…

Now that we’ve reframed those “resolutions” do they seem a little bit more attainable?

I hope so.

If not, no worries… you can always try again next year.