Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - is it real? You Betcha!

Everything and everyone is moving so fast!

From the fast-food we eat to the fast-paced lifestyle we live, we are on constant go, go, go, and it is simply not healthy.

More than ever I hear from folks that are suffering from burn-out and exhaustion, and they can’t recoup their energy no matter what they do.

This is what is known as chronic fatigue.

These folks are exhausted and can’t keep up, but they try to keep up, and that’s a double whammy!!

Chronically exhausted, they push themselves with stimulants like dark chocolate, cacao nibs, sugar, and caffeine, that exhausts their energy reserves even more, and sets them up for future sickness and big diseases.

When the body is exhausted, as in the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a host of illnesses can enter the system and take hold. From colds to cancer, you won’t have the energy to fight. If you are physically drained, how do you think your immune system is going to defend you?

Your body will not be able to fend off invading pathogens and viruses because it’s too darn tired!

And, in some cases, the immune system will become hyper-vigilant because the body cannot protect itself, and it will overreact to everything it comes in contact with – including food and people!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome exists, it’s real, and it affects us on a daily basis, but we try to push through it.

Why do you think there is a coffee shop on every corner?

I’m not saying coffee is bad, it’s not. But mostly, we’re using it to boost our energy to try and keep up with the unnatural pace we’ve created.

The truth is, most of us can’t even sit and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee – we’ve got to take it and go to whatever it is we need to do next. If that’s you… sit your butt down and listen up!

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue include:

  • Perpetually exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep
  • Can’t make it through the day without stimulants, sugar or caffeine
  • Restless sleep, even though you are exhausted
  • Poor immunity
  • Lack of clarity and inability to concentrate
  • Unmotivated/depressed

People often wonder why they can’t sleep even if they are chronically exhausted. The physical body actually needs energy to be able to sleep and perform all of it’s functions during the night; detoxification, rejuvenation and repair.

If you are chronically exhausted, your body won’t be able to perform those activities and you will have restless and agitated sleep.

How can we improve our energy without doubly exhausting ourselves in the process?

The first thing we need to do is slow down.

Instead of crawling out of bed exhausted, and using stimulants to wake up, STOP and STRETCH!

Animals do this. They wake and stretch their entire body. Watch your cat or dog (or gerbil) tomorrow morning and you’ll see what I mean.

Stretching relaxes the physical body and opens your meridian channels to get energy flowing. If you’ve ever seen the human body on an acupuncture chart, it’s filled with long lines and dots: those are called meridians and acupuncture points.

Meridians are the energy pathways in your body that support a healthy flow of vital Qi (pronounced chi or chee) throughout your entire system. Qi is universal energy.

For years, modern medicine denounced the existence of meridians because they could not see them on an x-ray. But for thousands of years Traditional Chinese medicine has known that these energy pathways certainly do exist, and they have a very important function.

Modern science has finally caught up with this ancient knowledge and machines can now detect specific points that have a denser structure on the human body. “Using a new combination of imaging techniques and CT scans (computerized tomography), researchers have observed concentrated points of microvascular structures that clearly correspond to the map of acupuncture points created by Chinese energy doctors nearly 2000 years ago.”[1]

When meridians channels are open and clear, Qi (energy) is unblocked and can move freely throughout the body. The effect is improved health and immunity, higher energy levels and enhanced mental clarity and functioning.

Waking up and doing 10-15 minutes of daily stretching, can enhance the flow of this energy and support all of your internal organs and bodily systems.

Here are 5 simple meridian stretches from Shiatsu Practitioner, Diego Sanchez, that you can use to start to your day in a more energized and healthful way:

ejercicio1      ejercicio6 ejercicio3      ejercicio4   ejercicio2

There are many easy and simple ways to boost energy and improve your flow to relieve Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, and just plain old exhaustion.

Remember to start your day, every day, nice and easy. Your body will LOVE you for it!

[1] http://themindunleashed.org/2014/03/science-finally-confirmed-existence-acupuncture-points-validating-chinese-medicine.html