Do you want to feel a powerful heartfelt lesson from the wolf?

So many of us are disconnected from the pain, suffering and loss that other people are feeling.

Want to experience Joy this holiday season? It’s in this Cheerful Recipe

What ever you do this holiday season, whether purchasing gifts or preparing food, always remember to put some Joy into it.

Move Beyond Your Fears and Say What You Need to Say!

I’ve discovered that the biggest obstacle to success is getting beyond your own fears. Once you do that… the rest is cake.

Slow Down, Sister! You Need to Relax Your Mind and Get Present. Here’s How To Do It.

Catastrophes are going to happen, it’s a part of life. But, if you’re not present in between disasters, you’re going to miss out on a lot of living happily and healthfully while you’re here.

Are You Exercising Your Freedom?

Many of us don’t take advantage of some of the amazing liberties we have access to on a daily basis. Here's my top 5...

“Stupid, Uninformed, Foolish Activist!” That’s What They Called Me. Here’s why…

We all have the right to question the things that are happening around us. At the very least it inspires conversation, and at it’s best it can lead to greater understanding and improvements for our society as a whole.

The Wizard of Dr. Oz – Has He Finally Quacked Up?

I’m really happy the bullies picked on you, Dr. Oz. It’s about time!

Have You Ever Met Someone That Inspired You? I Have…

Some people look up to pop stars and celebrities. The people that inspire me to do my work are healers, sages (wise men and women), philosophers and teachers.

The Sleeping Tiger

Besides his wealth of universal knowledge, one of the things I loved most about Michio Kushi was his lightness of spirit and great sense of humor.

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What Do You Want for Christmas? Here’s a Gift You’ll Always Remember…

I didn’t know it then, but I certainly know it now. The greatest gift on Christmas wasn’t about the new toys.

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