Can you stop taking thyroid medication?

Thyroid disease is a hot topic and thyroid medication is a BIG seller.

Over 20 million people are diagnosed with thyroid disease every year, and they are being told that once they get on medication for a thyroid condition, they need to take it for the rest of their life.

This is a very lucrative myth perpetuated by Big Pharma and the medical professionals that write the prescriptions.

BUT, it’s not necessarily the truth.

If you still have a thyroid and it hasn’t been removed, radiated or ablated, it can produce the hormones you need.

One of the major keys to getting the thyroid to do what it is designed to do is to give the body adequate nutrition and the raw elements it needs to create thyroid hormones.

If you’ve been taking thyroid medication the thyroid gets lazy, so to speak. And, it needs to be gently coaxed back into action with the right support system.

Patience and a little bit of detective work are required to discover:

  • Which nutrients are missing from the diet that may have contributed to the initial condition
  • How to properly nourish your digestive system to best absorb those nutrients that you need.
  • What slowed, sped, or damaged, the thyroid in the first place
  • How to support your liver so it can convert the thyroid hormones you need
  • And, much more

If you are taking thyroid medication, feeling like crap, and have been told that you can never get off those meds, get access to my Common Thyroid Myths, and get yourself on a healthier and happier path to a medication-free life.