Can you share your skincare routine?

For those of you that have been following my work for some time, you know I’m a stickler for great quality ingredients.

It’s gotta be clean, organic and naturally raised, otherwise, I don’t want to put it into my body.

At least not intentionally!

This also includes what I put onto my skin and hair. It’s gotta be great quality.

I’m clear that what I put onto my body, gets absorbed into my body, so I don’t want nasty endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic ingredients, or other crap that could congest my system and/or my detoxification processes.

Your skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body. Don’t clog it up!

I received an inquiry from a gal named Aubrey asking about my skincare routine and the body and hair-care products I use.

She said, “I LOVE following & learning from you, HALLELUJAH! Would you please be so kind and share your facial skincare routine, body moisturizers/routine, toothpaste/floss, and hair care products?”

She’s cute! She wants to know everything!

So, I compiled a list of the products that I love.

I generally rotate the products I use because I find that my body likes a wide variety of things.

Let’s start from the top down…


I used to NOT like my hair. When I was growing up I would blow it out straight because I didn’t appreciate my curls.

Today, I love my hair exactly as it is.

I give it the freedom to be wild and curly and don’t use a blow-dryer or color it. And, because it’s curly, I don’t wash it daily with shampoo. That would strip the natural oils from my hair.

Curly hair needs much of its own oil to stay healthy.

With that being said, I condition my hair whenever I’m in the shower, and then shampoo it every couple of weeks. These are my favorite hair care products right now:


I love and appreciate my skin. It’s got some wrinkles and wear and tear from the years, but it’s the skin I’m living in and I love it.

  • Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream – I’m in my 50’s, so I switched from Dr. Haushcka Rose Day Cream, to the creamier regenerating day cream for skin like mine that needs a little extra TLC.
  • For body lotion, most recently using something called Sweet Grass Body Lotion that I purchased in Montana. Its made by a local company there called Red Root Herbs – Blackfeet Indian Made. I couldn’t find a website for their products, but here is an email: redroot4@gmail.com My husband loves this body lotion as well. It smells so darn good!
  • I also really like Vernal Body Oil from Heart Grown Wild. They have nice products all around, including hair oil that I love (see above in the hair care section)
  • If it’s the dead of winter and my skin feels like sandpaper, I’ll slather on some good old fashioned organic castor oil before a shower and that usually softens me up.
  • Annmarie Gianni – This brand also has excellent organic skincare products. You can get a free sample kit here. FREE SAMPLE


I did a LOT of damage to my teeth as a young adult and teenager with a BIG sugar addiction.

Thankfully, I still have most of them (missing 6 – eek!). So, I try to take the best care possible to keep the ones I still have.


I don’t wear much makeup, but I do know that anything you put on your face, lips, eyelashes, will get absorbed into your body.

Here’s what I use:

  • For my lipstick, I like Vapour Lipstick: Siren Desire color. It’s light, easy, and natural.
  • For mascara, eyeliner and sometimes a little eye shadow, I use Mineral Fusion. You can find this brand at most Whole Foods Markets and Health Food Stores.

Thanks for sending in your question, Aubrey.

Wishing you all healthy skincare, haircare, and teeth care!

Please share any of your favorite products in the comments below. I love trying new things.