Can you help support these two?

On June 1, 2020, my sister Erica Beaman Swammy lost her battle with deep depression, grief, and sadness, leaving behind 2 sons, aged 23 and 15.

This devastating loss has left the entire family in a state of shock.

The older son, Danny, recently finished college and was just starting out in life. He turned 23 on May 31st, the day before his mother’s suicide, and Philip turned 15 on June 2nd, the day after.

Erica was a sweet and kind person that could never hurt anyone. She lived life in a special way, always welcoming people from all walks of life, and treating her friendships unconditionally. Erica was a loyal and loving wife and mother, and a gentle soul who wanted to help anyone and everyone she could.

However, her life took a tragic turn in 2017 when her husband, Lyndon, fell down a flight of stairs and suffered severe brain trauma.

That fall left their kids without the fit and healthy father they knew and loved and they had to adjust quickly to a new way of life, with a Dad who was unable to play sports, bike ride, or ever walk again.

On many days, he does not know their names and cannot recognize them as his own sons. Lyndon’s memory of life as he knew it had been shattered.

As parents, Lyndon and Erica made sure that Danny and Philip received the best education possible and taught them to be productive members of society and good human beings. Philip is currently enrolled in a wonderful school and his parents were unable to foresee a tragedy of this magnitude.

With these events unfolding and all of the emotional stress, even Love couldn’t sustain the bumps and turns.

Lyndon, was the provider for his family and was, and still is, unable to function due to his medical condition. This financial hardship and emotional trauma took its toll on the children and especially, on Erica.

At the onset of this tragedy, Erica immediately rushed to Lyndon’s bedside and lived at the hospital in Maryland, sleeping in a chair either in his room or in the lobby of Maryland University Hospital for four and a half months until her husband was released to return home to New York.

While at the hospital she learned everything she could on how to support his healing process. When she returned home, she even got certified as a Home Health Care Aide to continue assisting Lyndon on his healing journey.

While Erica was away from home and living at the hospital, she entrusted her family’s financial responsibilities to Lyndon’s sister. Unfortunately, Erica put her trust in the wrong person, and her family was torn apart and left in financial ruin in the three years that followed.

Erica gave her all to care and provide for a man that was no longer the robust man she married: active, social, and hardworking. He is now unable to perform the simplest of tasks, including going to the bathroom by himself.

She did her best to care for Lyndon and keep him active and engaged with his boys.

Erica tried to be as strong as possible for herself and her children, but the last 3 years have been quite a battle on all levels; financial, emotional, and spiritual.

And now, even after Erica’s death, due to the ongoing legal/financial battle with Lyndon’s sister, my nephews find themselves in the worst possible scenario: penniless, homeless, and now motherless.

They are good boys, kind souls, and amazing future servants to society.

With the loss of both parents, they are left with monumental financial hardships and literally just the clothes on their backs. This has placed these two young people in a delicate emotional, and financial state.

Some of their expenses include education, clothing, medical, transportation, daily expenses, food, housing, and they are without parental contributions to support them financially on this path.

My family and I, and Lyndon’s brother Mark, are doing all we possibly can to support them the best that we can with the resources we have.

We understand that the current state of world affairs has many people struggling financially.

However, if you are able to contribute, in any way, so that these boys can create a new beginning, a new life, and get the help they need to remain psychologically balanced, as well as meet their financial obligations it would be forever appreciated.

No contribution is too small. Every bit counts.

The old adage “it takes a village” is what it will take to ensure that Danny and Philip get the support they need to re-establish their lives and live a healthy, vibrant, and emotionally stable existence.

Thank you in advance for opening your heart to support and care for these two boys. I hope that the kindness you share is repaid to you ten-fold in your own life.

Contributions can be made here: GoFundMe