Can You Hear What Your Body is Saying to You?

iStock_000009317791MediumEvery “body” is unique.

For example, two people could be suffering with hypothyroid.

Medically, it’s the same condition. But, those two people may have developed their thyroid conditions from two very different situations.

One person may have nutritional deficiencies or Hashimotos thyroiditis (digestive and immune related), and the other person may have excess stress or exhausted adrenals.

Those two hypothyroid conditions have to be addressed differently.

Healing is not a one-size fit’s all remedy.

Even though you may be suffering with the same disease as someone else, not all remedies work for all people in the same way.

That’s why it’s imperative to discover the truth of what your body is saying to you. If you don’t find the truth for your specific bodily needs, you will always chase whatever the next thing is that is marketed or advertised to you that promises to ease your suffering and pain.

For those of you chasing the nutritional science about healing the thyroid or any other condition, please keep in mind that nutritional science is constantly changing. Each new study that comes out contradicts every other study that’s already out there.

“Take the fat out ! No, keep the fat in! Take this supplement. Don’t take that supplement! Drink flax oil! Don’t use flax oil because it’s estrogenic! Use coconut oil….” And, it goes on and on.

Nutritional science, as well as medical science, is very young. That’s why, I believe, we need to incorporate ancient truths to help us cut through the nonsense and the external noise so we can hear what our body is saying it needs.

Ancient truth is wisdom that can be accessed by using your intuition as you go through the process of healing.

Intuition comes from inside of us.

But, it can be hard to hear anything inside if we are constantly exposed to a barrage of advertisements, medical advice, product marketing, social media and mindless entertainment that influences us daily.

We take in all of the information around us through our senses. We see, hear and feel everything we are exposed to – even if we are not conscious of it.

And, if we are not in touch with our own internal needs we may begin thinking we really do need everything that is being sold to us or told to us.

Once we quiet the noise, an interesting thing happens. We begin hearing our own inner voice.

Clients and students often ask, “How did you know what you needed to do to heal your thyroid condition.”

And, I always tell them the same thing, “I began listening to my inner self and heard what it was saying to me.”

The thyroid is connected to our voice, both external and internal.

That inner voice we hear is our truth. And, it’s very powerful.

I encourage ALL of my students to listen to the information they hear and then tap into their own internal wisdom and their own body, and decide whether or not what I’m sharing is true for them. Many of them have had profound experiences by learning this skill.

Beyond what I say, beyond what the doctor says, beyond what any media says, you are living inside your body, and you have the answers.

I walk people through the process of getting to know themselves on a deeper level so they can hear what their body is saying and they can make the best choices regarding healing their thyroid condition.

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