Can you acquire new clients at a party?

Of course, you can acquire new clients at a party!

But, you cannot work with them at that party.

There’s a big difference.

Here’s what I mean.

I attended a party at a friend’s home and there was a psychic/intuitive attending as well.

She was standing across the kitchen island from me chatting with another party-goer. Here’s how the conversation went…

Random party attendee, “OMG you’re a psychic? I love that! Can you give me a reading right now?”

Psychic, “No, that’s not the way it works.”

“C’mon, just a little something?? About me, about my husband, about my life??”

“This is not the right environment for that. I’ll give you my card and you can contact me. We’ll set up time.”

The woman asking for insight was clearly disappointed, but the psychic was very wise in the way she handled this interaction.

As a practitioner, she knew to set boundaries around working with a potential new client. With strong boundaries in place, this ensures that both the practitioner and the client will get what they need from each other without compromise.

Otherwise, they would both lose.

For example, if you met a podiatrist at a social gathering, you would NEVER take off your shoe and ask the doctor to examine your foot. It’s highly inappropriate and unprofessional for the doctor to examine you in that environment.

It’s the same thing with health coaching or any other wellness practice.

You cannot simply give away your knowledge, guidance, and support at the drop of a hat. It devalues your services.

First and foremost, since the random person is NOT paying for your advice on diet and lifestyle, they will NOT put that wisdom into action.

Sure, you can tell someone that eating better and exercising can improve their health and life, but after the party, they won’t be held accountable for making changes because you have no professional connection to them.

Free health information rarely gets any respect.

Besides that, if you’re at a party, most folks are just making small talk, not big life changes.

For you to be taken seriously as a practitioner, it’s imperative to set strong boundaries around you and your work.

If someone has health issues and they want to continue the conversation with you, hand them your business card, or give them your website address, and have them connect with you again in a more professional setting. That means, in person at your office, or online if you work remotely like me.

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