Can eating pineapples and mangos for breakfast be healthy? That depends on where you are…

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People that follow my work know that I’m a stickler for eating local and seasonal foods.

When the internal environment (your bodily organs) become aligned with the external environment (where you are located geographically), the physical body gets grounded and feels more balanced.

That’s why I always suggest people get to know what grows in their environment, and then eat that food. When the body becomes balanced in this way it helps us heal on a deeper level.

Folks sometimes get confused about that, and I often hear, “What do I eat if I go on vacation?”

The answer is exactly the same. Eat the food that grows in the environment where your physical body (and mind) are vacationing. Wherever that is.

Here’s a great example – I live in NYC which is a temperate climate that has four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. For breakfast, during the cold winter months, I alternate between eating oatmeal with gojiberries and cinnamon, pan seared mochi (pounded sweet rice) with miso soup, or cream of buckwheat with an egg on top. All three are hearty dishes that help to keep me warm and functioning optimally where I live.

When I vacation in in Costa Rica, my breakfast options radically shift to what is available in a tropical climate. This way my body becomes better acclimated to where it is.

Every morning, in Costa Rica, I begin the day eating mangoes, pineapples, papaya, watermelon and a local cheese. It’s the perfect food to support my needs for where my body was located. All of that tropical fruit is cooling, refreshing and energizing, and the best way to start the day in an environment that is ninety-plus degrees in the shade.

When I return home to New York City, where it is thirty-one frigid degrees in January, my day begins very differently. Pan-seared mochi, plus aduki bean miso soup with Salmon is one of my favorite warming breakfasts. It’s the perfect food for energizing my body in an icy cold environment.

Local and seasonal eating is not difficult to do. It just takes some practice to get out of your head, and get into your body to hear what it really needs from you to thrive.

So, wherever you are in the world (tropical climate, temperate climate, polar climate, etc.), always remember to make the best food choices and your body will reap the benefits.

What did you eat for breakfast today and where in the world do you live? I’d love to know.