C is for Chewing

  • Wow, amazing how Pablo can disguise his voice! Amazing! Good job MISS A. Hugs, Nick

    • Andrea Beaman

      Thanks Nick! Is Cookie invited up to Studio Hill too?

  • OMG- you are awesome. amazing! Just wonder how many takes it took to do that, I would be laughing! Well done!!!!

    • Andrea Beaman

      We filmed that 4 days ago and I am still laughing. The blooper outtakes are at the end of the video. So many giggles.

  • Who is cuter? Cookie Monster or Andrea Beaman? It’s a tie!

    • Andrea Beaman

      OMG – totally love that. I am tied with cuteness with Cookie Monster. You just made my day 🙂

  • Andrea – you totally crack me up. You have made my studies at IIN so much fun. You and Cookie make quite the team.

  • Andrea, You continue to be an inspiration in more ways than one. Can’t wait to show this to my kids! Thank you.

  • Greg Ward

    I agree & THANKS!

  • Alex Anzalone

    I think I’m related to the cookie monster! That’s how I eat!

    • Andrea Beaman

      I think we’re ALL related to @CookieMonster! We live in such a fast-paced society, we totally neglect chewing.

  • Eddie Mallia

    Andrea, you silly goose! Thank you for breaking down chewing for me in a fun & educational way. I wouldn’t expect anything else from you. Oh yeah, they Cookie Monster he owes me 2 bucks for his last cookie fix. I wouldn’t want to get Oscar after him to make things right!

  • Eddie Mallia

    Spell Correction | Oh yeah, tell Cookie Monster he owes me 2 bucks for his last cookie fix. I wouldn’t want to get Oscar after him to make things right!

    • Andrea Beaman

      That’s funny! I actually picked up Oscar while I was at the store shopping for Cookie Monster. He may make an appearance in the next couple of months 🙂

  • Kat

    Such a cute video, Andrea!! I love the outtakes – I would have been cracking up too!

  • tyler

    Thanks for the video it was as informative as it was funny. Tyler enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work and you will make the world a better place to eat.

    • Andrea Beaman

      So happy to hear Tyler liked the video!! Sending you guys a whole lotta love.

  • Emily Calascione

    I just watched your video c is for chewing when signing on to purchase one of your books and just loved it. A great way to start the day. A good friend of mine Helen Bland and student of IIN is the founder and lead teacher of a local preschool center here in Northern Westchester. I was so taken by this video I just had to call her and have her view it. She mentioned that tomorrow is cooking day with the little ones and she was going to start the lesson with your video. You ROCK Andrea! current IIN student, Emily Calascione

    • Andrea Beaman

      Yay! Love that you shared the video with your friend and she shared it with the kiddies. Miles of smiles over here. Thank you!

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  • I used to always tell my girls “chew your smoothies!” Andrea tells us why right here!

    • You are a wise mom! Yes, chew those smoothies. Your girls are blessed to have you looking out for their health and well being. Keep up the great work!