Bulk Up and Save Money!

In tough financial times, it is a wise idea to reduce our cost of living. One great place to start is with our food.

Many health food stores carry “bulk” food items.  These include a wide variety of whole grains and grain products, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, snacks, and other foods that are not packaged but are kept in large bulk bins.

Bulk foods generally cost less than packaged foods because you are not paying for the “designer” bags and containers they are kept in. Those containers inevitably wind up in the garbage at some point anyway, so why dish out the extra dough?

It’s not as if someone will peer into your pantry, notice the bulk-bought raisins stored in a glass jar, and say, “Hey, those raisins are not in a pretty package!”  The next thing you know you have been mysteriously blacklisted from the local community or PTA meetings.  Oh, the ridicule!

C’mon… who the heck cares what anyone thinks? Don’t let pride get in the way of making smart purchasing choices.  The bottom line: bulk items cost less and can help save money.

Let’s take a look at some of the savings you could make by purchasing bulk food items (below is the cost per pound):

Beans   2.29   3.62  $1.33 
Rolled Oats   1.40   2.76  $1.36 
Cranberries 10.99 17.16  $6.17 
Walnuts 12.99 20.77


Prices may vary from store to store, but the savings are still quite significant.  Buying in bulk is an easy way to save money.

All you need to do is store those bulk-bought items in either plastic or glass containers to keep them fresh and safe from hungry closet critters.

And, if you want to save even more money, you don’t have to purchase storage containers for the bulk-bought items. After finishing a jar of pickles, sauerkraut, pasta sauce, or other bottled item, instead of throwing out the container, recycle it for your own use.

Soak the jar overnight in warm water to remove the label. Once it is cleaned, you have a handy-dandy container at no extra cost.

I have many recycled bottles in varying sizes.  I even recycle jelly jars to store delicious dressings and sauces.

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