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starchy carbs

Do you eat starchy carbs?

Over the past decade, carbs have been demonized. Especially, by the Paleo, AIP and Ketogenic communities. Here’s what they don’t know…


Do you crave umami?

The umami flavor has a neurocognitive effect on the brain and satisfies the body on a deep level.


Silky mushroom soup with crispy shiitake bacon

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved cream of mushroom soup. Mushrooms are powerhouse sources of nutrition. They are rich in selenium, b vitamins, and copper, plus they are great sources of fiber and protein. In this yummy recipe I used cremini mushrooms for the base and shiitakes for the garnish. Shiitake mushrooms […]

The Olive Oil Controversy

The olive oil controversy

Most of us folks in the health and wellness community know that oils have a smoke point. And, that smoke point changes with each oil or fat.