Azuki Bean Miso Soup with Vegetables


4 cups mushroom stock or water

4 inches kelp sea vegetable, soaked and chopped

1 red onion, peeled and sliced thin

2-3 carrots, cut into thin rounds

2 inches ginger, peeled and cut into thin matchsticks

5-6 cremini mushrooms, sliced thin

4 tbsp. South River Azuki Bean Miso paste

3-4 bok choy leaves, chopped into bite sized pieces

Bring water, sea vegetable and onion to a boil. Add carrots, ginger and mushrooms. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook 2-3 minutes. Remove a small amount of liquid from the soup and combine with miso paste to reconstitute. Add the liquified miso to the soup, as well as the chopped bok choy. Cover and continue cooking 2 minutes.

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  • zabelisa

    Just made the soup… It’s still too hot but it looks and smells good. I added some white beans in it. Are there any spices you would add to make it slightly different? I almost wanted to put some coconut milk in it as I have a half can sitting in the fridge. My kitchen is like a lab, I just keep experimenting.

    • @zabelisa:disqus – Yes, you can add whatever spices or herbs you like: ginger, garlic…
      I love that your kitchen is a lab – keep experimenting!

      • zabelisa

        This was one of the best soup I’ve made so far. I did not have the right kind of miso (just a light color type) and I used an organic chicken broth. No need to change anything for spices, the ginger really brings all the flavor I need! Btw I took the course at IIN where I saw you for the first time. I was really impress with your presentation. You are an inspiration Andrea 😉


    Made this soup for lunch, OMG a real hit Andrea! Thanks so much for all you do.

    • @sheryllgoodling:disqus that’s great! I’m happy you enjoyed it. Keep on cooking!