Assessment and Healing Skills to Boost Your Health Coaching Practice

Date: Tuesday, June 18th at 1PM ET
Place: Online
Cost: FREE

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The new revolution of health care is here! Are you prepared for it?

If you want life altering knowledge and practical healing skills to work more expertly with your clients, you are in the right place.

True health care includes assessment of the body (physically, emotionally, energetically) and its various patterns, to prevent and heal disease using food and herbs, and lifestyle adjustments as medicine.

The time is NOW to expand your knowledge, get the skills you need to build your confidence as a practitioner, and understand healing on a deeper level to support your clients’ health.

Join Andrea Beaman in this LIVE training session where you will learn to:

  • Understand the body and what it needs on a deeper level
  • Listen to the symptoms and know how to alter the diet and lifestyle accordingly
  • Get to the root cause to create truly healing protocols
  • Become a more valued health coach or wellness practitioner for your clients
  • Enhance your skills to earn more money
  • Establish yourself as an expert in the wellness revolution
  • Support your client’s health and have them become your greatest source for referrals.

Get ready to learn the skills to support your own health, the health of your clients, and to solidify your health coaching practice.

Mark your calendar and I’ll speak to you LIVE!

Date: Tuesday, June 18th at 1PM ET- Register HERE