Assessment and Healing Skills to Boost Your Health Coaching Practice

Date: Thursday, June 18th at 1PM ET – Register Here!
Place: Online
Cost: FREE

The time is NOW to expand your knowledge, get the skills you need to build your confidence as a practitioner, and understand healing on a deeper level to support your clients’ health.

Do you want to learn the essential skills to help you become a rockstar health coach and have a successful business? Get ready! It’s time to expand your healing knowledge to build your confidence, support your clients, and grow your business. Join Andrea Beaman in this LIVE webinar where you will discover: – Why the time is NOW to get yourself and your wellness/coaching business into the world – The top 3 practices to understand symptoms within the body without using a blood test or x-ray – How understanding body patterns, and altering diet and lifestyle, leads to quicker and more efficient healing for your clients – Simple ways to enhance your skills, support your clients and attract new clients – Why learning this information will boost your confidence and get your business moving

Mark your calendar and I’ll speak to you LIVE! .

Thursday, June 18th at 1PM ET- Register Here!