'Ask Andrea' Thyroid Health #2 - How to Heal Hypothyroid Naturally

Andrea hosted a special Hypothyroid Edition of Ask Andrea. She answered questions on how to naturally heal the thyroid, why she loves intermittent fasting, and the importance of speaking your mind.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00 Greetings from Andrea
  • 0:47 Seek another opinion from an alternative health practitioner when hormones are out of balance. Something is going on with the liver and that will naturally clear a hypothyroid condition. Breast implants if they are leaky can cause auto-immune conditions. They can disrupt energy in the liver meridian. (Julie)
  • 4:16 Andrea suggests working on nutrition before IVF treatment if you are borderline hypothyroid. (Emily)
  • 5:22 Andrea recommends intermittent fasting or fasting for hypothyroidism. (Monica)
  • 7:19 When you get off thyroid medication, you must also change your diet and lifestyle to naturally boost your thyroid.(Naomi)
  • 9:45 Liver is congested if you cannot get out of bed. Look at your diet and lifestyle to make sure that you are properly nourishing your body. (Jenn)
  • 13:16 You can heal your thyroid naturally. When you have pain in the body, means you have heat and inflammation in the body. The anxiety and depression are affecting your thyroid. (Olivia)
  • 16:30 Andrea isn’t planning on doing a thyroid event in NYC until 2020. (Carmenza)

Links from the episode

Happy Healthy Thyroid– The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally

Nourishing Thyroid Health Program– Andrea’s online program where she teaches how to naturally heal the thyroid.