'Ask Andrea' Episode #9

Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions that were sent in.  She covered how nutrition and lifestyle can help with healing many types of thyroid conditions, how stress affects our weight, how important it is to nourish the body while trying to conceive, and so much more.


What you will hear

  • 1:09: What causes white sores in the mouth? Andrea addresses what these little sores could mean about digestive health. (Mary)
  • 2:05: Andrea suggests meditation is the first step to creating awareness around whether the body runs hot or cold, and how nutrition can help stabilize and heal the body. (Maggie)
  • 3:40: Andrea suggests how looking at the lymphatic system may be part of the solution for someone who has had Hashimoto’s disease, is a cancer survivor, and had her thyroid removed. Andrea gives tips about how to regulate her unique system, including some weight gain, holistically. (Rhonda)
  • 6:02: Can nutrition  help heal thyroid conditions? Andrea offers some ideas. (Dalia)
  • 6:48: What are the benefits or drawbacks of drinking raw goats milk versus cows milk? (Maggie)
  • 8:16: Andrea discusses where parasites tend to live in the body, and how to cleanse the body with herbs, black walnut hull, and other natural treatments when it is disrupted by parasitic activity. (Anne)
  • 9:40: Andrea talks about thyroid regeneration for someone who has had their thyroid removed. (Jay)
  • 10:18: Andrea addresses concerns about a possible non-alcoholic fatty liver diagnosis and offers suggestions about what could cause and how to treat resulted weight gain with proper nutrition and exercise. (Karen)
  • 12:12: The modern phenomenon is that we’re connected to our screens but disconnected from our bodies. Andrea talks about how to create healthy, mindful patterns for healing the body in a digital world.
  • 13:32: The tendency of people to go nonstop is disrupting sleep and making it impossible for people to truly rest. Andrea offers tips about how to create restful habits in a busy life. (Kathleen)
  • 15:25 The stress a person has around his or her job contributes to weight gain and will prevent weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, look at the stress in your life, first. (Ekta)
  • 16:45: Rodioloa is a member of the rose family, so it may be drying and not great for someone who experiences dryness already, but it can be good for energy if you don’t already tend to dry out.
  • 17:41: Lymphedema and nutrition: how can proper nutrition help ease the symptoms of lymphedema after cancer? (Maggie)
  • 19:17: Nutrition and fertility: When conceiving is difficult, Andrea offers nutritional suggestions for building the body up.  (Melissa)
  • 20:56: Dealing with osteoporosis by building the body up with proper nutrition. Bone broth and vegetables help build bones and restore nutrition to increase and level out calcium levels and encourage healthy bone growth. (Maria)
  • 23:10: Dealing with dark circles under the eyes: Andrea discusses how color of the circles under the eyes can indicate different conditions and suggests treatments. (Maggie)
  • 23:56 : Regenerating cells in the thyroid for good health. (Ty)
  • 24:24: Andrea discusses how TSH levels can vacillate over time. (Cita)
  • 25:07: Andrea discusses how a thumping sound in the head and frequent waking in the night could mean liver heat is rising and how that affects the heart. Recommends beans with seaweed for cooling liver heat. (Tina)
  • 27:09: Andrea encourages deep self love as the starting place for healing a body with many ailments. Perhaps when many doctors have different and conflicting diagnoses, Andrea suggest alternative healing may address the underlying cause of many symptoms. Holistic health means considering the whole person, not just isolating individual systems. (Debbie)
  • 29:17: Andrea hiked 48 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 3 days! We get an update on the hike and how it pushed her body and mind to the edge and gave her renewed energy and strength for the rest of her life.  (Maryann)
  • 31:08: Andrea talks about the lessons in her book Happy Healthy Thyroid  for someone working to rebuild the endocrine system after thyroid removal.  She discusses how a holistic approach to health can help prevent unnecessary   (Nora)
  • 33:29: A new health coach is coached on how to build her library of content! Check out Andrea’s Master Coaching in Action program to get your business moving.
  • 34:36: Andrea offers ways to clean and move the blood through the body after a successful liver cleanse. Daily lifestyle changes are key. (Este)
  • 36:30: Alternative treatment suggestions for poison ivy include lemon balm, licorice root, and jewel weed. (Elaine)
  • 38:07:  Adrenal fatigue and low thyroid contribute to swollen ankles. Andrea talks about how the water and fire elements in the body work like a pump to move fluids through the body, and when that pump isn’t working properly there are some remedies: movement, hibiscus tea, hawthorn berry.  (Andrea)
  • 39:39: Restless leg syndrome indicates wind in the body. Yellow dock helps the liver absorb iron, and could help settle this movement. (Adriana)
  • 40:50: Andrea offers suggestions for weight loss after four pregnancies in five years. (Nicki)
  • 42:24: Andrea talks about nourishing the kidneys after kidney failure, addressing specifically why the kidney failed in the first place. Seek out the root cause of the failure and address that with an herbalist who can give natural healing treatments. (Jennifer)
  • 44:15 Andrea talks about the live radio interview she did with Lillian McDermott
  • 33:35: More stories from the Appalachian Trail!
  • 46:05: What being in nature reminded Andrea about how calm and quiet can heal the mind and nervous system.
  • 47:41: Fastest way to kick start the lymphatic system? Jumping jacks! (Cynthia)
  • 48:47: Cleaning and energizing the chakras! Andrea talks about healing the emotional body. (Dawn)
  • 49:46: Brain fog can come from a congested digestive system. Andrea recommends bitters before a meal for treatment. It can also come from liver heat rising  which indicates something is off in the body, and can cause that sensation of “brain fog”. Cool that heat down and reduce inflammation. (May)
  • 51:42: Visit Andreabeaman.com for liver cleanse information
  • 52:00: Rhust Tox is a viewer recommended natural treatment for poison ivy.
  • 52:25: Andrea discusses natural healing for damage/inflammation in spinal discs. (Aisha)


Links from the episode

Happy healthy Thyroid Book by Andrea Beaman

Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs: Motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, marshmallow roots, and reishi mushroom

Liver Cleanse Cooking Class – Andrea hosts a class to teach you how to cleanse your liver

Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck  Best book for nourishing the body for pregnancy

Radio Show With Lillian McDermott –

Master Coaching In Action – Andrea’s Online Program that helps wellness professionals take their businesses to the next level.