'Ask Andrea' Episode #8

Andrea gives great recommendations for optimal health including why she believes that we should go outside and soak up Vitamin D and not wash it off for 24 hours, how important it is to heal the gut for auto immune conditions, and why drinking chamomile tea before a meal is so beneficial.  She also answers questions about different thyroid conditions and so much more.



What you will hear

  • 0.02 – Andrea greets everyone and tells you how to ask your question online.
  • 0:37 – Andrea discusses how to get rid of excess of phlegm. Are you eating enough pungent foods? Also adding Thyme Tea is a great way to clear phlegm. (Denise)
  • 2:12 –  You must heal the gut to help lose weight. Even if you are eating fruits and vegetables, you need to have strong digestive fire to start losing  weight. Start cooking your foods.  Also, are you exercising? (Donna)
  • 4:48 –  Hypothyroid and asthma. You want to nourish your lungs and your thyroid. Pick up Andrea’s book, Happy, Healthy, Thyroid and also look to the health of the liver. (Yasmin)
  • 6:40–  You may not be processing proteins very well. Go out and sweat to get rid of sebaceous cysts. (Nisha)
  • 8:37 –  Make sure that your liver is clearing since you are taking so many supplements.  Also for weight loss, try moving your body every single day.  Daily walk every single day. (Nicola)
  • 11:39 – Got to boost your immune system to help with Epstein Barr Virus. Lemon balm, licorice root and cat’s claw. (Melissa)
  • 11:55– Dysbiosis Disease – infection of the gut. Are you eating foods that your body doesn’t like? Is there an old infection in the gut? Increase your garlic. (Natalia)
  • 13:29 – Herniated disk and osteoporosis at a young age.  Get mineral rich foods into your system. Include bone stocks, more fats and proteins into your diet.   (Eliana)
  • 15:05 –   Best detox for fatty liver. Reduce the sugars, soda, white bread, and  processed foods. Detoxing is amazing for fatty liver. Ingest bitter foods and include chamomile. (Charlene)
  • 16:20 –  Recommend hypothyroid tea for brain damage and chronic thyroiditis. (Ana)
  • 17:37–   Floaters in the eye.  If the fluid is drying up, you have to look at the kidney. Liver is not clearing and your kidneys are dry. Nourish the kidneys which feeds the liver which is a wood element.   (Laurie)
  • 20:16 – Eczema pops up when people cannot process proteins. Whatever your kidney can’t process it will go through the skin. Try out Nettles Tea.(May)
  • 21:44 –   Sometimes eating too clean is not good for the body.  Liver and lymph congestion. Are you absorbing those fats?  (Anne)
  • 22: 53 –  Epstein Barr Virus  flares up when your immune system is low. Boost your immune system. Get outside and soak up that vitamin D. (Melissa)
  • 26:58 –  Hypothyroidism and how to heal it naturally.  Stress, not getting enough rest, not getting nutrition can lead to hypothyroidism. So heal yourself with nutritious foods, resting and distressing. (Lori )
  • 29:22 – Lupus  is an autoimmune condition. So you must look to the gut.  (Jasmin )
  • 30:08–   Herbals for performance. Andrea is a good proponent for eating foods instead of supplements. For boosting energy try including ginseng, burdock root, and root vegetables. (Susan)
  • 31:30  – Flakiness means that you are not absorbing your fats.  Start your meals with chamomile tea.  (Cis)
  • 33:08 – Dry patches on the face. Eat burdock root which will help you absorb the fats. (Humi)
  • 33:52 – Up and down thyroid is auto immune.  Start to heal the gut.  (Usman)
  • 34:45–   Natural way to heal rheumatoid arthritis is by looking into the gut since it is an auto immune condition. Stick to fish instead of meat, grains, and sugars. (Tina)
  • 36:37 –  Stress is a big trigger to inflammation of the skin. (Marylu)
  • 40:21 – Pulsing in my right heal- so take a look at what is going on in the right ovary and kidney.  (Denise)
  • 41:41 – Why do I crave citrus after surgery? Your body needs a big hit of vitamin C. (Connie)
  • 42:33– Coconut oil doesn’t necessarily give you high LDL. It depends on your body and how it processes the oil. (Yumira)
  • 44:22 –Generally people with hypothyroidism, shouldn’t eat raw Swiss chard or spinach. However, during the summer, it is good to eat other raw greens. (Anne)
  • 46:15 –  Many clients and students have gotten off of thyroid medication. It will take time and patience. (Tammy)
  • 46:36 – Black Walnut Hull is great for before liver cleanse and for the small intestine. She also recommends taking it for 3 weeks. (Judith)
  • 48:51 –  Cystic Acne on back is a sign of imbalance of the hormones. Look at liver and lymphatic system. She recommends burdock root. Burdock Tea and eaten as food.  (Angela)
  • 50:05 – Damaged hair and nails means that you are not absorbing your proteins. Cook your proteins for a long time. (Julie)
  • 51:31 –  Andrea recommends eating when relaxed to help with Crohns. Chew your food. (Dawn )
  • 53:43 – Craving peanuts before your period means a liver blood deficiency. Which comes from a kidney deficiency. (Anne)
  • 57:16–Natural Skin Tag removal but why is the skin tag there? Dairy will cause skin tags if not properly digested.   (Susan)
  • 59:29– Hypothyroidism have caused 2 miscarriages.  Try healing thyroid naturally and then lower your medication. (Jessica)
  • 1:02– Dark mole like patches. If they are flat, they are sugar related. If they are raised it is a virus. (Leigh)
  • 1:03– Andrea describes how you can ask more questions.


Links from the episode

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Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

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Liver Cleanse Cooking Class – Andrea hosts a class to teach you how to cleanse your liver

Optimizing Liver Health Webinar – Andreas hosts a webinar where she teaches you how to nourish the liver

New Healers Master Coaching Program – Andrea’s program that helps wellness practitioners take their healing knowledge to a deeper level.

Supporting Gut Health Cooking Class– Andrea hosted a cooking class to help you heal your digestive system o

Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck  Best book for nourishing the body for pregnancy