'Ask Andrea' Episode #6

Andrea gives great recommendations on how to cleanse the kidneys, she discusses how taking daily walks are great for constipation, how stress can affect your whole body and how it functions, she answers questions about different thyroid conditions and so much more.


What you will hear

  • 0.05 – Andrea greets everyone and tells you how to ask your question online.
  • 0:58 – Schools for holistic health education. Look into Andrea’s alma mater, Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Once you get certification, then deepen your knowledge in Andrea’s New Healer’s Program.   (Andrea)
  • 2:49 – How to heal your digestive system.  Also, you must be relaxed to properly digest your food. (Angela)
  • 4:41 – Andrea does do consultations and also suggests her book, Happy Healthy Thyroid for goiters and thyroid health.  (Tara)
  • 7:27– Recommendations for a good kidney cleanse. Sea vegetables and lots of water help kidneys.  (Shelly)
  • 8:22 – Walking daily to help with constipation. Eat seasonally and locally for candida. Smoothies once in a while, not everyday for optimal digestion. (Anne)
  • 11:15 – Shingles and chicken pox are viral and related to the herpes virus. Licorice root and lemon balm, sleep and sunshine are great to boost immunity. (Tammy)
  • 11:55 – Berkey Water Filter takes out fluoride and chlorine. But always add minerals by using herbs to the filtered water. (Ivonne)
  •  14:40 – Candida and how to ingest foods and herbs. (Karen)
  • 15:24 – Lyme disease affects your hearing and also kidneys. The kidneys have been compromised and water element needs to be nourished. Also add beans and seaweed to nourish the kidneys. Nourish the nervous system like chamomile tea. (Suzel)
  • 17:50 – Adding a pinch of sea salt in the morning to the water is fine  (Samantha)
  • 18:00 –  How to heal bloat and chronic diarrhea. Check for parasite and see a professional. (Ana)
  • 19:55 – Find some way to relax and reduce the stress. Stress triggers issues with thyroid and high blood pressure. (Diana)
  • 22:19 – Naturapaths in NYC:  Dr. Frank Lipman and Dr. Salzarulo. Also choose a doctor that you agree with on philosophy.  (Lenny)
  • 23:29 –  Fatty liver and yellow eyes are signs that his liver is not doing well. Andrea goes over the proper way to cleanse the liver. (Esty)
  • 26:09 – Recommends lots of cooked foods for Vata. Burdock root is very grounding and great for Vata.  (Leigh)
  • 28:53 – All of your organs are cleansing themselves.But you want to support that process and give the foods and flavors that they need.  Bitter and sour is great for liver and sweet for pancreas. (Jeffrey)
  • 31:24– Liver cirrhosis and what foods to avoid. Milk thistle is great for regenerate liver cells. (Sandra)
  • 32:55–  You can do a colon cleanse before doing a liver cleanse but don’t do them too much and will remove good bacteria.(Jackie)
  • 34:00 – Do not eat raw foods if you are getting sick from simple salad. Eat soups instead. (Molly)
  • 35:17 – How to manage water retention. So look at the kidney when your water element is not balanced.  (Elizabeth)
  • 37:00 –Andrea recommends to do a liver cleanse for 30 days in the spring. (MaryAnn)
  • 37:57– Severe knee and join point has to do with kidneys. Start swimming to lose the visceral fat.  (Vaishali)
  • 38:58 – If you’re having sushi, don’t have wild salmon. Be careful of where the sea vegetables are being sourced from Asia could be a high level of radiation. (Elana)
  • 40:50 – Andrea talks about all the different factors that affect thyroid issues. (Melissa)
  • 41:30 – Herbs are very gentle and can be very helpful for cleansing without being too harsh for the body. (Leigh)
  • 42:38– Best snacks for pre diabetic.  Get the body moving before and after eating to use the glucose.   (Megan)
  • 43:30 – Nettles, red clover, and burdock are great mineral rich teas. (Marissa)
  • 44:02 – Ears are connected to our kidneys. Nourish the kidneys on a deeper level if you have Tinnitus. (Sharlene)



Links from the episode

Happy healthy Thyroid Book by Andrea Beaman

Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs: Motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, marshmallow roots, and reishi mushroom

Liver Cleanse Cooking Class – Andrea hosts a class to teach you how to cleanse your liver

New Healers Master Coaching Program – Andrea’s program that helps wellness practitioners take their healing knowledge to a deeper level.