'Ask Andrea' Episode #5

Andrea answers questions about different thyroid conditions, how healing the liver can help with so many types of thyroid conditions, the benefits of different cleanses for the body, how bone stocks are great for pregnant ladies, healing the liver can help with managing hormones, and so much more.


What you will hear

  • 0.05 – Andrea greets everyone and tells you how to ask your question online.
  • 1:03 –  Bone stocks great for pregnancy and weight baring exercises to help with osteoporosis  (Gloria)
  • 3:25 –  If you don’t tolerate tofu and beans as a vegetarian, then the diet is not right for you. You need them for protein. Hashimoto’s is a sign of deficiency. (Stacey)
  • 4:47 – Candida diet affects Herpes breakouts (Catherine)
  • 6:37– Healing the liver can help manage hormones  (Tara)
  • 7:41 – When pregnant, you really need to increase fats and proteins. Talk to doctor about how you can decrease synthroid, (Lizzie)
  • 8:48 –Ready to wean off of Levothyroxine! (Jacqueline)
  • 9:02 – Depression worse before her period indicates liver blood deficiency. So needs to support liver & kidneys. (Azadeh)
  • 12:01 – Search for local producer of grains for baking. (Anne)
  • 13:50 – How destroying the thyroid with radioactive iodine can be very damaging to your health. Support digestive system and adrenals to help heal. (JB)
  • 17:31 – Bursitis in right hip. Get some softeners into system like Marshmallow Root. Look to liver & gall bladder.  (Fran)
  • 20:11– 90% nodules are benign. Cystic Acne and migraine headaches- liver is not functioning properly.  (Rebecca)
  • 24:02 –Gentle cleanse if you do not have a spleen and 1/2 a kidney. Herbs and teas are great options. (Connie)
  • 25:29 – Hypothyroid and active dancer. Needs good quality fats and proteins. (Blossom)
  • 27:20– Dark under eyes can indicate too much salt or inability to clear in colon. However, dark under the eyes is genetic. (Maggie)
  • 28:20 – What is your dental routine? Go to biological dentist.  (Sonja)
  • 29: 45-  Dandruff and dry skin. Look at your ability to digest and make sure you produce enough bile.  (Denise)
  • 31:00 – Liver function and other health issues. Hashimoto’s, hypothyroid and leaky gut. Start with bitters and look to digestive system. (Amy)
  • 32:49 – Andrea talks about what types of pots and pans to cook with. (Nicole)
  • 33:46 – For constipation need to take a daily walk will help. Stomach massage is also great. Support your liver and large intestine. (Natalie)
  • 35:46 – Goiter is not going away. Look at the lymphatic system  and heal your digestive system (Denise)
  • 37:24 –To get rid of mercury increase cilantro and leafy greens in your diet. (Eugenia)
  • 39:09 – How much vaginal itching is normal? Balance bacteria as much as you can. (Ella)
  • 39:55 – White patch on my tongue. For fungal infection use black walnut hull. (Anne)
  • 41:36 – Hypothyroid is a cold condition. Raw foods is cooling down system even more. (Noreen)
  • 43: 02 – Sleeplessness is normally a kidney deficiency. (Eileen)
  • 43: 52 – Urinary incontinence is tied to a weakened bladder.  Toning herbs and exercises will help.(Carolyn)
  • 45:34– Liver heat rising causing rosacea. Lungs are inflamed as well. (Teresa)
  • 46:46 – How does kale affect thyroid. Look at where do you live and what is available locally and seasonally.  (Badreyyah)
  • 49:49 –Itching of genitals. Drinking cranberry drinks and aloe juice. Something in urine is aggravating that area. (Alejandra)
  • 51:37 – How woman should lower testosterone. Liver cleanse and connect with a Chinese medicine practitioner. (Lori)
  • 52:24– Natural products for diabetes and thyroid.  You must balance your endocrine system. (Judy)
  • 53:20 –How to raise testosterone levels and nourish the liver. Also look at kidneys. (Estees)
  • 55:39 – Recommendations for medicine making classes. (Mia)
  • 56:15 – Medicinal mushrooms and milk thistle are great for Hepatitis B. (Christine)
  • 57:13 – Liver cleanse for hormonal advice. (Jezem)
  • 58:36 – Get checked out by gynecologist if you are getting your period every 2 weeks. Look for fibroids and tone and tighten. (Karen)
  • 1:00 –Heal the IBS and can be connected to Hashimoto’s.  (Teresa)

Links from the episode

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Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs: Motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, marshmallow roots, and reishi mushroom

Nourishing Thyroid Health Program 

Liver Cleanse Cooking Class – Andrea hosts a  class to teach you how to cleanse your liver

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