'Ask Andrea' Episode #4

Join Andrea as she answers all types of health related questions.  She covers how supporting the gut can help heal candida, that sunscreen can actually be more dangerous than helpful, how important it is to nourish your liver for optimal health, why turmeric may be good for you but not for others, and so much more.

What you will hear

  • 0.10 – Andrea greets everyone and tells you how to ask your question online.
  • 1:06 – Andrea talks about different ways to healing Lyme Disease   (Stacey)
  • 2:42 – How to be healthy & stop dieting to finally lose the weight.  (Julie)
  • 4:10 – Turmeric is not good for everyone in large doses. (Andrea)
  • 5:08 – Thyme tea is good for you but depends on the condition. (Kathy)
  • 5:38 – Teeth sensitive to cold connected to the kidneys. (Denise)
  • 6:50 – How to support your gut if you do not have your thyroid. (Lori)
  • 9:40 – Different ways to help with acid reflux starting with chewing food. (Tina)
  • 11:19 – Best liver cleanse is fasting.  (Nicole)
  • 14:02 –Andrea explains why some women have cellulite. (Mary)
  • 15:25 – Nettle tea, marshmallow, bone stocks and exercise to help with osteoporosis (Vickie)
  • 17:43 – More proteins & less stress to keep healthy levels for T3. (Liss)
  • 20:55 –Graves – have to look into the digestive system to properly heal. (Victoria)
  • 22:13 – Properly soak grains and beans and cook them properly to help with digestion. (Stacey)
  • 24:15 – Candida shows that your digestive system is damaged. Seasonal & local eating is best. (Carrie)
  • 25:34 – Osteopenia – still need sunshine, eat well, exercise, in addition to taking Vitamin d3 (Eileen)
  • 27:41–   While pregnant & breastfeeding, it is not good to detox. Pump and keep breast milk then do a cleanse. (Erin)
  • 30:35 – When the cheeks are hot & red, then there is heat in the lungs. Motherwort is a great.  (Sandy)
  • 31:46 – Non starchy winter vegetables to help fight candida. (Anne)
  • 33:20 –Depending on your condition, kefir, kombucha and cultured foods could be damaging or healing. (DeeAnna)
  • 35:04– Spring is around the corner can help with lungs. White foods – tofu, garlic, leeks, onions help with lung health. (Urszula)
  • 36:19 –Eat as much leafy greens to help with bacterial infections without medications. (Denitsa)
  • 38:07 –Fresh and dried herbs are great for different purposes. (Francis)
  • 38:30– Essential oils for thyroid -can be very hard on liver. (Sherry)
  • 40:41– Evening Workshop at Open Center in NYC (Zoi)
  • 41:19–  What should you eat for  Candida (Anne)
  • 41: 46 –Andrea suggests castor oil into eye and sleep with it to clear up the stye.  Also, you cannot properly heal with out getting proper deep sleep.  (Suzel)
  • 44:06 –Make sure that you are eating the proper foods before working out to avoid vomiting. (Deanna)
  • 45:06 –Andrea suggest mushrooms and leafy greens for Hepatitis. Milk Thistle  (Anabel)
  • 45:00 –Cooked kale & broccoli are great for thyroid.  Raw can inhibit the absorption of iodine. (Angelica)
  • 46:54 – Dry cough incorporate mucilaginous foods:  aloe, okra, seaweed, sweet potatoes.  (Deniz)
  • 47:56 – ADHD shows that the shen is disturbed. Reishi mushroom, meditation, Hawthorne berry are  great for ADHD. (Denise)
  • 49:36 – Andrea recommends adding liquid minerals to water. ConcenTrace (Tracy)
  • 50:48 –Abdominal distension means the liver is congested.  Work on liver health. (Sonia)
  • 51:46 – You can get off inhalers. Good quality mucilaginous foods to support the lungs.  (Terri)
  • 53:10 – You can eat raisins but with other foods.  Trail mix to slow down the absorption of sugar. (Janet)
  • 54:50 –Polycystic ovarian syndrome-  liver is not doing its job properly. Reduce sugar, grains to support the liver. (Tammy)
  • 56:03 –Healing teas for liver  (Estie)
  • 56:43 – Andrea recommends getting your iodine from food instead of supplements. (Tosha)
  • 57:42 – Oregano oil is anti bacterial but have it on it’s own is killing all bacteria. (Brenda)
  • 59:08 – Lives in Greece and can pick wild Milk Thistle. Andrea is great for liver health. (Marie)
  • 59:50 – Andrea covers why sunscreen can be harmful. (Heather)


Links from the episode

Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner – Book Andrea read to help with her Lyme Disease

Healing Lyme Naturally by  Wolf Storl- Another book Andrea read to help with her Lyme Disease.

Happy Health Thyroid By Andrea Beaman

Learn It Live  – Sign up for Andrea’s cooking classes

ConcenTrace – mineral drops to put into filtered water

Have a question for Andrea? Ask her!