'Ask Andrea' Episode #3

Andrea answers questions about different thyroid conditions, how important chewing your food is for your digestive system, the benefits of different cleanses for the body, best and worst times for vegan and raw diets, and so much more.

What you will hear

  • 0.56 – Andrea greets everyone and tells you how to ask your question online.
  • 1:19 – The best and worst times to be on a vegan diet (Suzanne)
  • 2:24 – Andrea talks about herbs in her book Happy Healthy Thyroid (Deborah)
  • 3:08 – Studies that mammograms can actually hurt the body (Lauren)
  • 4:38 – People deficient in Vitamin D benefit from pork fat (Liz)
  • 6:25 – Recommendations for when to do a parasite cleanse and  liver cleanse (Lisa)
  • 8:24 – Include radishes and bitters to absorb fats (Kristin)
  • 9:02 – A great substitute for bone broth for bone health is mushroom broth that are sun dried (Eileen)
  • 10:35 – Hitting the left elbow constantly is telling you something is not working well in the body (Lowri)
  • 12:44 – Focus on healing the gut to help with allergies (Mary)
  • 14:11 – How thyroid conditions are linked to cancer and heart disease (Monica)
  • 15:29 – Instead of focusing on balancing PH, you should be keeping your body in balance (Merv)
  • 16:33 – GERD – chew your food and relax while eating to reduce acid (Anna)
  • 17:35 – Hair loss for women- make sure your bladder is clean with walnut hull & goldenseal, and reduce stress (Anna)
  • 18:06 – Andrea recommends that people without a thyroid should take medication (Barb)
  • 18:45 – Olive oil and lemon juice cleanse is very hard on the body and recommendations for easier cleanses (Ana)
  • 20:06 – Brown patch on hip bone connected to gal bladder and liver – too much sugar in diet (Annette)
  • 21:55 – Andrea gives recommendations for healing the gut -(Sangeeta)
  • 22:55 – For high blood sugar in the morning, use that sugar through exercise and stretching (Rosalbina)
  • 24:27 – For the lymph, exercise is imperative. Also, include burdock root in food. (Peg)
  • 26:33 – Recommendations for hot flashes- dark leafy greens, motherwort and sage into foods. (Carolyn)
  • 28:20 – Different herbs to heal the organ systems (Brenda)
  • 29:25 – High fiber foods, dandelion roots, massages, and exercising are fantastic  for elevated bilirubin (Janet)
  • 30:38 – When you are having issues detoxifying, it will release through the skin. Liver cleanse once per year for psoriasis. (Deborah)
  • 31:49 – How eating whole foods and cutting out the bad stuff will help with thyroid conditions (Nan saroukos)
  • 32:49 – Black lines on finger nails – toxicity in liver that body can’t process (Carol)
  • 34:04 – Recommendations for varicose veins (Dee)
  • 35:01 – Liver and gall bladder cleanses are great once a year (Nicole)
  • 35:28 – TSH level is 16000 -Happy Healthy Thyroid (Candice)
  • 36:45 – Andrea describes what happens when you fast (Nicole)
  • 39:39 – Black walnut hull and cat’s claw for getting rid of SIBO and heal intestines with eating seasonally (Kristin)
  • 41:02 – Graves disease and the need to support your adrenals and rest of endocrine system (Louisa)
  • 41:55 – Breastfeeding and low immune system – highly recommend bone stocks and good fats (Erin)
  • 43:34 – How to heal the body from Mold exposure and support lungs (Denice)
  • 44:27 – How to lose weight as a vegetarian  (Jessie)
  • 45:39 – Continue to balance of your diet to heal your thyroid condition (Lisa)
  • 46:52 – Facial diagnosis called- Physiognomy (Jessie)
  • 47:11 – Time and place for raw food diet especially high fruit diet (Jessie)
  • 49:19 – How to manage pain of endometriosis. (Audrey)
  • 50:28 – Tips for muscle pain (Hillary)
  • 51:29 – Motherwort and greens to cool the system.  Tips for clearing brain fog- ginkgo biloba, calamus (Marina)
  • 53:12 – Best liver cleanse is fasting (Natalie)
  • 55:00 –  Andrea tells the audience how to ask questions online
  • 55:22 –  Andrea talks about her New Healers Master Coaching Program


Links from the episode

Happy healthy Thyroid Book by Andrea Beaman

Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

Organic Herbs -burdock root, ginseng, motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, reishi mushroom

New Healers Master Coaching Program


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