'Ask Andrea' Episode #2

Andrea answers questions about eating fruit in wintertime, how supporting the can gut can boost immunity, the benefits of black walnut hull for Hashimoto’s, how stress is connected to weight gain, and more.


What you will hear

  • 0.44 – Is there time of year when it is not a good idea to do a detox? (Holly)
  • 2:45 – Foods that enhance dopamine production in Parkinson’s (Anne)
  • 5:17 – Depression, motivation, mental clarity and weight gain (Rochelle)
  • 10:03 – How to ready your body for pregnancy with thyroid issues  (Mrs. H)
  • 12:44 – Hair loss on top of head and weight gain (Loris)
  • 14:46 – Digestive Health, too much sugar and how it relates to the thyroid (Karen)
  • 18:53 – Top anti-inflammatory foods and her thoughts about supplements (Jeanette)
  • 22:36 – Cysts and what causes them ( Maria)
  • 26:07 – How your adrenals may be overworked and how it affects the body (Rae)
  • 31:31 – Andrea recommends night time indulgences other than dark chocolate (Christine)
  • 33:47 – Foods and drinks that warm up the body after shoveling (Vicky)
  • 35:33 – The right time to eat fruits during the colder seasons (Marissa)
  • 36:48 – Health tips for those suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis and shingles (Paige)
  • 40:39 – Are soy proteins beneficial for someone with Hashimoto’s? (Jyoti)
  • 42:44 – Not losing weight even when eating organic whole foods, meditating and working out (Jeanine)
  • 43:31 – What causes goiters, cysts and growths in body (Heather)
  • 46:41 – Andrea gives suggestions on which supplements for someone without thyroid (Nidah)
  • 47:45 – If tonsils have been swollen for 2 years, something is not right (Tracey)
  • 50:59 – How the liver and thyroid are directly connected  (Hillary)
  • 53:20 – Looking at foods not just for macro nutrients but as whole foods (Mary Ann)
  • 55:07 – How hair loss and stress are connected (Sonya)
  • 57:04 – Andreas suggests taking Black Walnut Hull for 21 days (Yvette)
  • 58:18 – Which foods help absorb fats if you do not have gall bladder (Cheryl)
  • 59:12 – How to submit your questions on Ask Andrea

Links from the episode

Nourishing Thyroid Program (enrollment open in October & April)
Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck
Black Walnut Hull –  Herb that tones intestines and healing Candida
Happy, Healthy Thyroid book by Andrea Beaman
New Healers Master Coaching Program

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