'Ask Andrea' Episode #19 - Using Food and Herbs as Medicine

Today we covered Liver Health and hepatitis C virus, how to lose weight, why it’s imperative to eat seasonally and much more.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00 Greetings from Andrea about how to use Food & Herbs as Medicine
  • 0:24 Eating 80% seasonally and locally gives your microbiome a nice variety of food for better immunity, better skin, etc. (Taryn)
  • 2:35 Hire a health coach if you are still feeling bad after 10 years of eating “healthy”. Something is out of balance. (Lisa)
  • 3:38 Get with an herbalist and try milk thistle for Hepatitis C. Also increase vitamin C in your diet. (Rehab)
  • 5:14 Andrea recommends meditation for anxiety and nervousness. Also remove sugar and caffeine to ground you. (Rose)
  • 6:49 If you have night sweats, try motherwart, gotukola and do some form of exercise. Andrea also likes wild lettuce, passion flower and hops to help you sleep. (Jaton)
  • 8:05 Look at overall diet, lifestyle and stress levels, if someone is 100 pounds overweight. (Ruth)
  • 9:40 Tired but wired means you have adrenal fatigue. Relax the body as much as possible. Eating well and exercise and get your body back to balance. (Paula)
  • 11:29 When the ears ring, it could be a kidney deficiency. Bone stocks, seaweed, beans are all good foods to nourish the kidneys. (Linda)’éli”

Links from the episode

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs: Motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, and marshmallow roots – http://bit.ly/StarwestB